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Tech Talk Reviews: WHOOP Coach, Powered by OpenAI

In the first edition of Tech Talk Reviews, Boardroom tests out WHOOP’s new generative AI feature powered by ChatGPT maker OpenAI.

WHOOP is elevating its portfolio of offerings after introducing a new generative artificial intelligence feature powered by OpenAI.

WHOOP, the Boston-based wearable health and fitness tracker developer, is on a mission to revolutionize the wearables market through health and fitness trackers that monitor a range of metrics, including heart rate, sleep performance, supplement intake, stress and anxiety levels, and dietary restrictions. The company then uses these metrics to provide daily feedback and recommendations for improving sleep, recovery, and strain. WHOOP was already leveraging AI and machine learning across its offerings, but its new generative AI plugin powered by ChatGPT brings a more all-access conversational appeal to the company’s membership-based app that pairs with its wearables.

Boardroom’s resident tech reporter, AKA me, got early access to WHOOP Coach, and honestly, it’s easier to show you than tell you about the experience. I also get into more specifics about the wearable itself and supplemental products.

WHOOP Coach was developed to reshape how users get their health and fitness recommendations. Users can “ask WHOOP anything” via a chat plugin within the app, and much like ChatGPT, OpenAI archives each conversation for a short time.

As for privacy, OpenAI does not store any conversational data that it collects with WHOOP Coach. The new feature is still in beta as WHOOP rolls out some enhancements over time. WHOOP Coach works hand-in-hand with other features within the iOS and Android-friendly app. The more data users log while wearing their WHOOP 24/7 and using features like the Journal, the more in-depth the AI coach will get with its answers.

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“We aspire to build a 24/7 health and fitness coach, and what does that mean? It means that at any time, anywhere, you can ask questions and get guidance on your health and fitness,” WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed told Boardroom in an exclusive interview. “What previously would have required a human being and a bunch of medical technology is not at your fingertips for a fairly low cost, and that’s because of the advancements in artificial intelligence and how WHOOP has woven this technology together.”

Even though WHOOP Coach can’t build out specific workout plans down to the exercise, Ahmed all but confirmed that the feature will be able soon. For the most part, WHOOP Coach offers direct answers, especially when users are asking questions about anything pertaining to the metrics WHOOP tracks.

“I anticipate that WHOOP will be able to build out workout plans for anyone who joins the platform,” Ahmed said. “I imagine the coaching feature will evolve to be more actionable and proactive. Today, a lot of the back and forth with the WHOOP Coach begins with you asking a question. I imagine WHOOP will be the one starting the conversation more [in the next year].”

WHOOP Coach is not an upsell for members already on the company’s platform; it’s already included in the subscription-based membership program. WHOOP subscriptions are available at $30 monthly, $239 annually, or $399 for a 24-month period.

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