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The Tale of the $1 Million Pick-6

When Miami’s Jevon Holland returned an interception for a TD on Sunday, he probably didn’t know he triggered a TCL giveaway that would cost the brand seven figures.
@boardroom Miami Dolphins Safety Jevon Holland's 99-yard pick-six against the New York Jets not only wowed fans but also triggered TCL's "Ultimate Gameday Upgrade Giveaway," leading to 84 lucky fans winning massive 98-inch TVs. Holland's exceptional interception, marking the longest play from scrimmage this season, showcased his extraordinary athleticism and changed the game's momentum. The Jets' Hail Mary attempt backfired, spotlighting Holland's skill and the Dolphins' strategic prowess. A true game-changer, both on the field and for fans at home. #miamidolphins #nfl #sportsbusiness ♬ original sound – Boardroom

There’s no shortage of wacky sports promotions out there. You know the ones — “If [seemingly impossible] thing happens [insert brand here] will give away [something crazy].” It’s great for the brand because it gets them some air time with very little risk of actually having to cede the product in return.

Except sometimes, the impossible does happen.

Just ask electronics company TCL, one of NFL TV’s sponsors. As Boardroom’s Gabe Oshin outlines, TCL has offered a free TV giveaway throughout the NFL season if certain statistical oddities occurred. For example, when the Bears and Commanders played in October, TCL promised to give away 56 75-inch TVs if either quarterback threw for more than 470 yards — something that has only happened once at all this season.

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On Sunday, the giveaway was 84 98-inch TVs if there was a touchdown play of 98 yards or more in the DolphinsJets game.

Folks, you won’t believe what happened next.

A Hail Mary. An interception by Jevon Holland at the 1-yard line. And a Miami Dolphins touchdown.

That improbable pick-six means TCL is on the hook for 84 TVs that cost almost $12,000 each. That comes out to over $1 million worth of TVs.

Shoutout to the Miami safety for helping 84 lucky fans upgrade their living rooms for no cost whatsoever.

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