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Sue Bird Enjoys a Finer Retirement

Last Updated: July 1, 2023
Sue Bird and Corona have teamed up to make the Finer Recliner. She tells Boardroom exactly how she’s managed to relax now that her playing days are over.

You won’t catch Sue Bird on the court this season, but the retired Seattle Storm star is keeping comfortable and keeping tabs on the WNBA from home. The four-time WNBA champion has teamed up with Corona to give five fans a chance to win what’s called the Finer Recliner, a limited-edition Adirondack chair featuring upgrades that will maximize gameday viewing.

Carefully picked by Bird herself, features in the Finer Recliner include a cooler discreetly entrenched within the footrest with enough space for a six-pack, premium cushions for maximum comfort, a magnetic bottle opener, a nothing-but-net hoops-inspired cup holder, a wireless speaker, and a brass nameplate engraved with Bird’s signature and a limited number. 

Bird spoke with Boardroom about how she goes about working with select brands, early thoughts on the WNBA season, and whether she’ll be making an international trip later this summer (iykyk).

Photo courtesy of Corona

VINCIANE NGOMSI: What initially drew you to Corona and what excites you the most about this particular campaign?

SUE BIRD: I’ve been working with Corona for a few years now and when you work with brands where you know your values are aligned, it just makes it easier and more fun. You’re kind of speaking the same language. And so that’s what’s exciting. Is being on commercials really cool? Absolutely. Do I love that? Absolutely. And Corona supporting women’s basketball is obviously going to speak my language regardless, but then you have moments like this where we get to have a little more fun. That’s what’s great about this Finer Recliner. It’s obviously a nod to my retirement, I’m obviously a little more in chill mode now. But it’s also for people who participate in this contest. It’s not just some rinky chair, this thing is legit. It’s cushy, it’s comfortable, it’s got a cooler, it’s got a built-in speaker so you can connect all the things to have an enjoyable viewing experience.

VN: As you transition to retired life, can you explain the importance of working with companies where you are aligned, value-wise?

SB: Oh, it’s very important when you’re approaching any business relationship that you are aligned. I think that’s just the simplest, most succinct way of saying it. When values align, good things happen. And for me, to be honest, in a lot of my partnerships, I do like to have fun. I think that’s just who I am. I think there’s something genuine and authentic about using humor in those ways that people could connect to. But outside of that, again, it’s more about values as a former — ah, feels weird saying that — but as a former women’s basketball player, just for female athletes in general. It’s so important to partner with brands like Corona who are going to continue to push the envelope in those ways to give us visibility. This is just opportunity to continue to push all female athletes and give them a chance and give them the opportunity to succeed in our country the same way male athletes have.

VN: For the first time in two decades, you weren’t on the court for WNBA tipoff. How was that feeling for you, sitting back and watching all the teams? And after the first weekend, do you have any bold predictions on how you see the direction of the season going?

SB: Bold predictions? Well, the Las Vegas Aces are good. I had courtside tickets to that. It actually was great being a fan and spectator. I was ready for this chapter of my life, so it didn’t feel strange or weird. Maybe at times, but for the most part, I’ve been kind of mentally preparing for it. But, do I have any bold predictions? I think we’re in this era of super team and like I said, Vegas was very impressive. It seems like they picked up right where they left off, only they added Candace Parker and Alysha Clark. They’re so talented and they were able to find ways to make up for their lack of depth.

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That was their issue last year. And clearly it wasn’t an issue. So I, in no bold way at all, predict them to be in the Finals. Who they’ll face is more of an interesting question. I think New York had a split personality opening weekend. We saw one side of them game one, another side of them game two, but that’s to be expected. They’re all new. They had some injuries in training camp that kept people out. So they couldn’t really even start to develop the chemistry. I think that’s gonna be the story of their season, just how they’re able to gel and build that chemistry on the fly. It’s not easy to do in the WNBA because the season’s so short. But they have the talent to do it. But then I always keep throwing in the Washington Mystics. I’m like, did everyone forget who Elena Delle Donne is? There are a lot of special players that have played in this league, and she’s right up there with the type of player that if she’s on the team, they have a chance. She has that type of talent. So that’s a team not a lot of people are talking about, but I think they’re gonna be an issue at the end for sure.

VN: As a retired athlete, what do your days look like now? Without mandatory training schedules or the workouts, have you slowed down a little bit or are you still trying to actively maintain some sort of routine?

SB: Yes and no. I think I’ve definitely given up on the routine of it all in terms of just how disciplined I was for the last 20 years. I’m a human being, so we all thrive under schedules. So it’s about finding a new routine. But I still work out, I still stay active. I’ve just had more time to do the things that I want to do, whether it’s checking out a new restaurant or spending time with my family, friends or visiting people. So that’s been really enjoyable.

VN: Are you going to Australia?

SB: I am. I mean, okay. They haven’t named the team yet.

VN: Well, we hope to see you there.

From now through Wednesday, June 14, you can enter for a chance to win one of five Finer Recliners by commenting on @CoronaUSA’s Sweepstakes post with Sue Bird (@SBird10) on Instagram with #CoronaFinerRecliner and #Giveaway.

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