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Shaedon Sharpe & TyTy Washington: The Red Carpet Interview

Boardroom got the inside story from the Kentucky duo shortly before they were both selected in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft.

Like the rush hour traffic outside Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Thursday, things were getting cramped and tight on the NBA Draft‘s red carpet. So when Kentucky commits Shaedon Sharpe and TyTy Washington were both up to go on camera with Boardroom at the same time, we would have been something approaching bonkers to turn down the opportunity.

Though Sharpe, drafted No. 7 overall by the Portland Trail Blazers, never suited up and played competitive games for John Calipari’s Wildcats, he still showed great chemistry with fellow UK product Washington, who went 26th overall to the Grizzlies before being traded to the Houston Rockets. They both discussed what sports they’d be playing professionally if not for basketball, how they’ll spend their first NBA check, and when they first knew they’d make it to the league.

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What they’re wearing:

TYTY WASHINGTON: I’m wearing something basic but really detailed. On the inside it’s got some fire to it. You see it on the outside, you see a little pattern. I’ve got the all black McQueens down there, you know how that goes. Shae, what you got on?

SHAEDON SHARPE: Something low-key, the all-black with my little logo on it. You got something inside, black pants and Louboutins.

What they’d be doing if not for basketball:

TW: I’d probably be a professional bowler. I’m really good at bowling. You saw me. You know I’m good like that.

SS: I’d probably just be an NFL football player, a wide receiver.

A song that would describe their feelings on the red carpet on Draft Day:

SS: Probably “Humble” by Lil’ Baby

TW: “Murder Business” by NBA YoungBoy

What they’re doing with the first million dollars they earn:

TW: I’m gonna buy my mom a house, and after I do that I’m gonna start investing, make more money, and change that millionaire [status] to billionaire.

SS: I’ll probably do the same. Invest it and then get something for my family to support them.

If they could invest in one company or product right now, what would it be?

TW: Bitcoin.

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When they first thought they could make the NBA:

TW: COVID year, March 2020. From then on I knew if I took it really seriously, I’d have a shot. I was able to still get in the gym, so I was still working out. At that moment I was like everyone else is stuck at home and I’m in the gym, it’s going to pay off some day.

SS: Probably like two years ago. I was just working out in the gym with my coach, that’s when he told me if I believe in myself then I could take basketball to the next level.

If they could dunk on one NBA player, whom would it be?

SS: Probably LeBron.

TW: Shaedon [laughs]. Nah, probably LeBron for sure.

SS: I probably wouldn’t even jump, to be honest.

If they could only choose one streaming service to use:

SS & TW: Twitch.

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