Red Bull driver Sergio Perez from Mexico is delighted with his victory on the podium. (Photo by Hasan Bratic/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Sergio Perez Signs Extension with Red Bull Racing

Fresh off winning the Monaco Grand Prix over the weekend, a new Sergio Perez contract keeps with Red Bull Racing at least through 2024.

Two days after securing the win at the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, Sergio Perez has secured the bag.

The 32-year-old Red Bull Racing star signed a two-year contract extension on Tuesday, taking him through the 2024 Formula 1 season. The Mexican driver and prize of the 2023 F1 free agent class is enjoying another successful season alongside defending driver’s champion Max Verstappen, who received his own massive four-year contract extension in March. His win and four podiums so far in 2022 has him No. 3 in the driver’s standings behind Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Perez is in his second season with Red Bull after two years with Racing Point, where he finished fourth in the driver’s standings in 2020. Checo then left Racing Point — now branded as Aston Martin — putting up a win and five podiums last season to remain in fourth overall in 2021. His defensive effort in last year’s season finale in Abu Dhabi helped Verstappen hold off MercedesLewis Hamilton to win the driver’s title and end Hamilton’s run of four straight championships.

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Checo is already on pace for his best season yet in F1, emerging as a championship contender in his own right, despite Red Bull at times having Verstappen pass him on the grid. But most importantly for the team, Perez’s consistency has Christian Horner’s squad on top of the constructor’s standings. Red Bull’s 235 points is currently well ahead of Ferrari’s 199 and Mercedes’ 134 as it looks to break Mercedes’ eight-year run as Formula 1’s best outfit.

Perez has actually been one of F1’s elite drivers for a few years now, and he finally gets some well-deserved security with an extension at the hottest team in the sport.

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