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Cincoro Gold: Michael Jordan’s Tequila Brand Unveils Exclusive Luxury Edition

The latest limited-edition release from the tequila brand will drop in October with only 4,000 bottles available to the public.

Michael Jordan is a man of elevated taste, so if he’s pouring himself a spirit, the choice ultimately has to reflect that immutable fact. The all-time superstar and Charlotte Hornets owner joined forces with four other NBA proprietors to launch a tequila collection in 2019, and after three years in the business, Cincoro Tequila is now set to debut its fifth release — and it’s the company’s pinnacle of luxury to date.

Cincoro Gold is a limited-edition blend of the brand’s Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and rare Extra Añejo products that delivers a distinctive flavor profile — sharp palates will enjoy strong notes of toasted oak as part of Cincoro Gold’s highly nuanced finish.

Image courtesy of Cincoro Tequila

Jordan, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, Emilia Fazzalari, Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck, and Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens first launched Cincoro after bonding over their shared love of tequila over dinner in 2016.

Image courtesy of Cincoro Tequila

Today’s news marks that special relationship’s latest leap forward.

Cincoro is a combination of the Spanish words for “five” (cinco) and “gold” (oro), so it makes perfect sense the fifth iteration is a mix of both terms. The Cincoro Gold is barrel-aged for more than 40 months, which helps intensify the flavor with notes of sweet honey, toasted oak, vanilla, and dried fruits. The outcome is a taste “reminiscent of a finely aged scotch or cognac,” per Cincoro CEO and co-founder Emilia Fazzalari.

Fans unknowingly caught a glimpse of Cincoro Tequila on display during the 2020 docuseries “The Last Dance.” In the 10-part ESPN feature that chronicled the six-time NBA champion’s final season with the Chicago Bulls, many deduced the beverage next to Jordan during confessionals was the $1,800 Cincoro Extra Añejo. The most expensive of the varieties, tasting notes include raisin, fig, light coffee, and dark chocolate.

Packaged in a flashy, 750-milliliter, gold-dripped bottle, the Cincoro Gold retails for $350 — and similarly to the way in which sneaker enthusiasts wait in virtual lines hoping to secure a pair of Jordan Brand sneakers, the October release is only limited to 4,000 bottles.

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