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Boardroom Q&A: Maxx Crosby

The inimitable Las Vegas Raiders edge rusher speaks with Boardroom about his new YouTube show, “REAXX,” and his future plans in media.

He may play in Las Vegas, defensive end Maxx Crosby is only betting on himself, his team, and his future in the media space.

Coming off a Pro Bowl season with the Raiders, the 25-year-old signed a four-year, $94 million extension — the sixth-biggest active contract among NFL edge rushers — during the offseason. Such is your reward for finishing the 2021 campaign with 42 pressures (10th in the league) and 30 quarterback hits in addition to finishing No. 1 in QB knockdowns with 19.

Off the field, meanwhile, Crosby is focused on how he can get his feet wet in the media field. So, he teamed up with Blue Wire Podcasts to launch his own comedy show, “REAXX,” with co-host Roqui Theus, a Vegas-based TV personality and reporter. As humor-based show that aims to showcase the hosts’ personalities in full, “REAXX” will be the network’s first YouTube show.

Boardroom caught up with Crosby to discuss his new video podcast project, as well as how it dovetails with his future plans to work in media on-camera one day.

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ANTHONY PUCCIO: What made you want to do a podcast and how’d this video-based comedic format come to life? Was it your idea, Blue Wire’s idea? 

MAXX CROSBY: I’ve wanted to do a podcast since I was in college, but was waiting for the right time to really jump in. I worked through a couple of podcast options with the Blue Wire team, and we eventually landed on a more comedic format just to be a little bit different.   

AP: How do you manage your time when it comes to balancing the podcast with your football career, family, and everything else?

MC: My family and football are my priorities, but in the offseason, I spend a little more time working on my interests off the field.

AP: Are you concerned it can become a distraction or give critics a reason to scrutinize? I’m thinking back to when Draymond Green was criticized for doing his pod while the NBA Finals were going on.

MC: Draymond has been running his podcast at a very high level for years now. Sure, he received a lot of criticism, but Draymond also had some big games during the championship run. He’s one of the best defenders to ever play and arguably one of the best podcasters out there… it’s hard to criticize him.

For me, I’m not at the stage of my career where I would do a show during the season. My leadership style and commitment to the team doesn’t allow room for any distractions off the field during the season.

AP: How do you choose your guests given that “REAXX” is a comedy-based show?

MC: The entire team sits down and goes over a pretty expansive list of guests. With it being a comedy-based show, we wanted to focus on individuals with good energy that would engage, but at the same time, we aren’t excluding any specific types of personalities. Everyone likes to laugh and have fun in their own unique way.

AP: What’s the end goal here? Are you interested in a TV broadcasting career one day, or even starting your own media company?

MC: I would love to continue growing my footprint in the media space, whether that’s as a broadcaster, podcaster, or studio personality. I think all would be fun for life after football.

AP: You signed a major contract extension back in March — as an investor, what’s your outlook going forward?

MC: I literally just got paid, so I’m putting a lot of time and energy into building the right long-term investment strategy. I’m not going to get into specifics, but I think it is important to be smart with your money while spoiling yourself and family every once in a while.

AP: Did you splurge on anything fun after you signed your contract?

MC: It’s kind of funny, but I did buy a new house before my contract was inked… but really nothing too crazy. I have a specific budget that I work with and it allows me to build my financial future and like I said, spoil myself with a car or some nice jewelry. But nothing too crazy, really.

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