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LIV Golf Payouts: How Much Prize Money Does Johnson Win as Individual Champion?

Last Updated: January 18, 2023
DJ is your 2022 LIV Golf Individual Champion, an honor that comes with a truly gigantic bag of cash. Let’s crunch the numbers and figure out just how much prize money Dustin Johnson has earned.

The individual competition component of Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series’ inaugural campaign doesn’t conclude until Sunday, Oct. 16 in Jeddah, but we already know who’s walking away with top honors. Thanks to five top-10 finishes in six of the controversial breakaway golf competition’s events to date, Dustin Johnson was officially confirmed as the 2022 LIV Golf Individual Champion Monday.

And considering the unprecedented, eye-popping structure of LIV Golf payouts, the former Masters and US Open champ is walking away with a boatload of prize money with two events — including the season finale Team Championship in Miami at the end of October — still to go.

How Much Prize Money Does Dustin Johnson Win?

Let’s start with the biggest number of all (and surely the most outlandish): Dustin Johnson’s winner’s share of the overall $30 million Individual Championship prize purse is a payout of $18 million. The second-place overall individual finisher receives $8 million, while third place gets $4 million — currently, Branden Grace and Patrick Reed occupy the respective No. 2 and No. 3 spots in the standings heading into this weekend’s event in Saudi Arabia.

This is fully separate from his event-by-event winnings during the LIV Golf season, highlighted by his $4.75 million total payout for winning LIV Golf Invitational Boston in September — both in individual competition ($4 million) and as a member of the first-place four-man team ($750,000).

All told, Dustin Johnson’s individual stroke play results and prize money payouts through six LIV Golf events are as follows:

  • London: 8th place ($625,000)
  • Portland: t-3rd ($1,275,000)
  • Bedminster: t-2nd ($1,812,500)
  • Boston: 1st ($4,000,000)
  • Chicago: t-2nd ($1,812,500)
  • Bangkok: t-15th ($233,600)

Combined with his $18 million in Championship winnings, Johnson has won $27,758,600 in LIV Golf payouts from individual competition alone. Combined with $3 million in team competition winnings to date, that means DJ has earned $30,758,600 in total prize money this season in LIV Golf for just six 54-hole weekends of work.

(As a point of reference, Johnson’s two career major wins — the 2016 US Open and 2020 Masters — earned him $3,870,000 in prize money combined.)

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What Are the Complete LIV Golf Payouts for 2022?

As we wrote over the summer, here’s the prize money breakdown for LIV Golf’s first seven events of 2022, concluding Oct. 16 in Jeddah:

  • Each event features a total purse of $25,000,000, including $20,000,000 in individual prize money based on traditional stroke play
  • The first-place individual finisher wins $4,000,000, with $2,125,000 for second, $1,500,000 for third, and $1,050,000 for fourth.
  • Every top-11 individual finisher receives at least $500,000, every top-15 finisher receives at least $250,000, and the last-place finisher (48th overall) earns $120,000
  • An additional $5,000,000 goes to the top three teams: $3,000,000 for first place, $1,500,000 for second, and $500,000 for third

And for the season-ending Team Championship in Miami:

  • 12 teams of four players will compete for the LIV Golf Team Championship purse of $50,000,000
  • The first-place team wins $16,000,000 split evenly four ways
  • The 12th-place team receives $1,000,000

All told, if Johnson shoots the moon and wins (1) the individual competition at Jeddah, (2) the team competition at Jeddah, and (3) the 2022 Team Championship in Miami, he walks home with an additional $8.75 million, upping his overall 2022 LIV Golf haul to an incredible $39,508,600. Yes, it’s a pretty grand hypothetical. It’s also not out of the question.

LIV Golf is bankrolled by the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. After the 2022 LIV Golf Invitational Series concludes, the competition will expand, rebranding as the LIV Golf League next year.

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