Out of Office: Alex Honnold on Climbing’s Olympic Debut, Life After “Free Solo,” & Much More

Alex Honnold gained global fame after the release of the documentary film Free Solo, based on his death-defying climb — with no ropes or safety equipment — of Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan. The film captivated audiences, won the 2019 Oscar for Best Documentary, and established Honnold as one of the world’s greatest athletes. The upcoming Olympics will feature climbing as an event for the first time, and Honnold was likely a big factor making this a reality.

Though Honnold has not always appeared to revel in the fame the film brought him, he’s made good use of the opportunities. Now, the primary face of his sport, he’s expanded the work of his foundation and has greatly raised awareness for rock climbing.

In this episode of Boardroom’s “Out of Office,” Honnold talks to Rich and Gianni about what people get wrong about what motivates elite climbers, why he’s excited about his new podcast series, and the inspiration he’s taken from legendary female climber, Lynn Hill. Honnold even invites Rich and Gianni to climb rocks with him in Central Park next time he visits New York City.

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