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Highest-paid Men’s Tennis Players of All Time

Last Updated: August 15, 2022
It’s a legendary list of the highest-earning tennis stars in men’s singles and it’s loaded with big names, countless career accolades, and more prize money than you can ever imagine.

With $420 million in career earnings between them, the trio of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer stand tall atop the all-time ATP prize money rankings for men’s tennis.

While in an obviously different era, and not accounting for inflation, that’s more than the seven players who round out the top 10 of all-time tennis earnings combined.

Even better — all of them are still active ATP athletes, meaning their winnings will only continue to grow.

Talk about handsomely paid.

But the list of men’s tennis top earners speaks to tennis generations beyond that of the big three of the Joker, Rafa, and King Roger. From Agassi and Sampras to Ferrer and Wawrinka, the rest of the best paid in the gentleman’s game span decades of on-court success.

Let’s have a look at who else belongs on the mountaintop of highest-paid tennis players in the history of the men’s singles game.

Highest-paid Tennis Players of All Time (Men’s)

The following list contains earnings released by the ATP Tour as of Aug. 1, 2022.

  1. Novak Djokovic: $158,996,253
  2. Rafael Nadal: $131,338,131
  3. Roger Federer: $130,594,339
  4. Andy Murray: $62,913,301
  5. Pete Sampras: $43,280,489
  6. Stan Wawrinka: $35,058,754
  7. Alexander Zverev: $32,407,055
  8. David Ferrer: $31,483,911
  9. Andre Agassi: $31,152,975
  10. Marin Cilic: $30,588,972
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Top 10 All-Time Earners in Men’s Tennis

10. Marin Čilić – $30,588,972

At the edge of the list of top 10 highest-paid tennis players in men’s singles is Marin Čilić — the big-hitting Bosnian Croat who won his first (and only)Grand Slam at the 2014 US Open, becoming the first player flying the flag of Croatia to win a men’s major tournament since Goran Ivanišević. Despite his lack of extended Grand Slam success, the 33-year-old continues to add to his winnings, already bringing in nearly $1.4 million this season.

  • Titles: 20
  • Singles record: 570-319
  • Grand Slams: 1
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: None
  • Years Pro: 18 and counting
9. Andre Agassi – $31,152,975

With eight major titles to his name and a peerlessly rambunctious on-court style, Andre Agassi made tennis matter throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Having turned pro at the age of 16, the eccentric American made quite a living throughout his long and flamboyant career. In the process, he became one of few men’s tennis players who can boast a career grand slam, as well as an Olympic gold medal. He retired in 2006 at the age of 36.

  • Titles: 60
  • Singles record: 870-274
  • Grand Slams: 8
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: 1999
  • Years Pro: 21
8. David Ferrer $31,483,911

David Ferrer may have never won a Grand Slam, but the Spaniard saw enough success throughout his tenure in tennis to catapult himself into the eighth spot on the all-time earnings list. The Spaniard, who retired in 2019 and is currently the coach of the next man on the list, owns the distinction of winning the most matches on the ATP Tour without having won a major.

  • Titles: 27
  • Singles record: 743-377
  • Grand Slams: 0
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: None
  • Years Pro: 15
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7. Alexander Zverev – $32,407,055

At the age of 25, Alexander Zverev has already seen enough success on the tour to put himself in the conversation for top cash-earners in tennis. While he has yet to win a major title, the lanky German has cleaned up in many of the other ATP tournaments. And despite an injury sustained in the French Open, Zverev has pulled in nearly $2.7 million this year alone.

  • Titles: 19
  • Singles record: 339-150
  • Grand Slams: 0
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: None
  • Years Pro: 10 and counting
6. Stan Wawrinka: $35,058,754

Stan Wawrinka burst onto the tennis scene in 2002 and is still battling to this day at the age of 37. While he’s currently ranked 288th on the tour, the Swiss pro saw his most success between 2014-16, a three-year span in which he won the Australian Open (2014), the French Open (2015), and the US Open (2016). Despite being in the twilight of his career, Wawrinka is still getting paid to play — earning roughly $280,492 this year so far.

  • Titles: 16
  • Singles record: 536-315
  • Grand Slams: 3
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: None
  • Years Pro: 16 and counting
5. Pete Sampras: $43, 280,489

The standard for success in his era, Pete Sampras in his heyday held the No. 1 ATP ranking position for a total of 286 weeks — that’s third all time. This stretch of dominance naturally translated into many major wins, including seven Wimbledon titles, and a boatload of money. Known for precision and power, “Pistol” Pete’s career spanned three decades and culminated with winning the 2002 US Open against Agassi, a longtime rival.

  • Titles: 64
  • Singles record: 762-222
  • Grand Slams: 14
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
  • Years Pro: 24
4. Andy Murray: $62,913,301

Andy Murray’s days of raising major tournament trophies may be over, but he’s still always a topic of conversation when it comes to tennis. The 35-year-old British pro had perhaps his best years between 2012-2016 — a span in which he won two Wimbledon titles and a US Open, not to mention many other tournaments. Ranked No. 50 in the world, Murray has competed at a high-enough level this year to earn himself $598,994 in prize money.

  • Titles: 46
  • Singles record: 710-225
  • Grand Slams: 3
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: 2016
  • Years Pro: 17 and counting
3. Roger Federer: $130,594,339

Despite a long recovery from a lingering knee injury, Roger Federer is not done with tennis. The 40-year-old, who plans on re-joining the tour this fall, has amassed an incredible fortune from his successful tennis career — that particular figure, however, pales in comparison to the money he’s made from off-court income over the years. While King Roger has earned no prize money this year on the tour, he still sits high atop the list of all-time earnings.

  • Titles: 103
  • Singles record: 1251-275
  • Grand Slams: 20
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
  • Years Pro: 24 and counting
2. Rafael Nadal: $131,338,131

When it comes to winning, rarely is Rafa second. The 36-year-old Spaniard may be in the runner-up position for income earned on the tour, but his list of victories is unmatched. With a win at Roland Garros and a deep run at the All England Club, Rafa officially passed Federer in all-time men’s earnings. And with one more major this year, Nadal is hoping to add to the $6.4 million in prize money he’s already earned in 2022.

  • Titles: 92
  • Singles record: 1063-212
  • Grand Slams: 22
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: 2008, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019
  • Years Pro: 21 and counting
1. Novak Djokovic: $158,996,253

There’s no denying Novak Djokovic. The 35-year-old Serbian is undoubtedly at the top of his game and has been for quite some time. While 2022 has been a challenging year due to his vaccination status, Djokovic has still managed to earn $4.2 million in prize money, the bulk of which came from his win at Wimbledon.

With no plans of competing in the upcoming US Open, but a sizable lead in the list of all-time earnings, the Joker could likely take the rest of the year off and keep his lead not simply intact, but robust. His status atop the mountain of highest-paid tennis players in history is all but sealed for many years to come.

  • Titles: 88
  • Singles record: 1012-204
  • Grand Slams: 21
  • Years Finished No. 1 on ATP Rankings: 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2020, 2021
  • Years Pro: 20 and counting
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