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February 7, 2023

Google Sets Sights on ChatGPT with Bard

Hey Google, how do you stay competitive? The tech giant released an internal memo on Monday, requesting feedback from its employees as it tests its newest product Bard, which it is positioning as a ChatGPT competitor. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a memo “We’ll combine external feedback with our own internal testing to make sure Bard’s responses meet a high bar for quality, safety and groundedness in real-world information.”


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'The Last of Us' Viewership Continues to Rise

HBO’s The Last Of Us has accomplished a rare feat three episodes in: its viewership has increased week-over-week since its massive premiere. The TV giant reported that the number of people tuning into the program. Viewership jumped 22% between episodes one and two and an additional 12% to 6.4 million for episode three. The positive trend line fueled the early greenlighting of a second season.

Tom Brady Announces a Gap Year, Will Enter FOX Booth in 2024

As soon as Tom Brady retired, there was a $375 million question looming: When will he start that lucrative FOX contract he signed before his first retirement? The verdict is in. Brady will take a “gap year” to decompress after a 22 year career. Brady confirmed the timeline in a conversation with Colin Cowherd.

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AMC Theatres Reworks Ticket Pricing Structure

 Everyone has their favorite seat in a movie theater. Now, AMC Theatres is taking a similar approach as sports when it comes to ticket sales. The better your seat, the more you pay. The new strategy starts on Friday at select AMC locations in New York, Chicago and Kansas City. The change will expand to all domestic AMC locations by the end of the year.

Penske Media Makes $100M Bet on Vox Media

Penske Media is making moves. Just one week after announcing its purchase of Dick Clark Productions, Penske Media is sinking substantial cash into yet another media company. The Rolling Stone and Variety parent company revealed it will purchase a 20% stake in Vox Media. The deal, first reported by The New York Times, is worth an estimated $100 million. Penske’s co-founder Jay Penske said in a statement,  “The Penske Media and Vox Media alliance will further cement both companies as leaders in modern media and take advantage of new opportunities at scale.”

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Premier League Investigation Leads to Potential Sanctions for Manchester City

Defending Premier League champion Manchester City were accused by league officials of breaking financial rules over the last nine seasons. The club is alleged to have violated more than 100 rules between the 2009-10 and 2017-18 seasons. A four-year investigation revealed that Man City notably failed to provide “accurate financial information that gives a true and fair view of the club’s financial position.” The Premier League will consider both private and open-ended sanctions.

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Grammy Viewership Surges by 30%

From the 50th anniversary of hip-hop performance to Lizzo’s Record of the Year acceptance speech, the 65th annual Grammy Awards was a night to remember. After two years of down viewership, the show was back on the up and up. Over 12.4 million people tuned into CBS, an increase of 30% over the 2022 show.