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Charles Barkley is Coming to “The ETCs” Podcast with KD and Eddie

The Hall of Famer and Inside the NBA legend joins Kevin Durant and Eddie Gonzalez on an all-new episode premiering Wednesday, Nov. 10.

Listen to the full episode by clicking here.

The last time we saw Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant together, an awkward, extended silence created a meme that neither can escape almost a year later. This time, the pair of NBA superstars could not stop talking.


In a collaborative effort, KD joined Charles on TNT’s Inside the NBA to discuss the Brooklyn Nets’ season, social media, and (of course) their awkward TV moment. Then, the duo was joined by “The ETCs” co-host Eddie Gonzalez to continue the conversation on the podcast in an unfiltered, extended session. 

Ever animated, Charles launched into stories about his playing career, analytics, work as an analyst, retirement, and even yoga — a scam, according to Chuck — but the duo didn’t stop there. Chuck and KD talked about their mentors in the league as young players, including names like Moses Malone, Julius Erving, Etan Thomas, Donyell Marshall, and more.

They also discussed the process of mentoring young players when they became the savvy veterans in the equation.

Listen to the full episode on Wednesday, Nov. 10th — subscribe here to get the conversation in your podcast feed.

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