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Where Would Colin Kaepernick Rank Among the All-time Sports Comebacks?

Last Updated: October 3, 2023
J. Cole released a letter written by the former Super Bowl quarterback highlighting his interest in joining the Jets. Boardroom considers what his comeback could compare to the greats.
@boardroom_ J. Cole really should have dropped a song on Spotify and credited Colin Kaepernick as a featured artist to at least make some streaming money off of this. #colinkaepernick #jcole #nfl #aaronrodgers #greenscreen ♬ Cute Retro Lounge Music(879857) – Kenji Ueda

Colin Kaepernick famously put his personal beliefs ahead of the corporate interests of the NFL. He was subsequently frozen out of the league.

However, in the six years since he last suited up on Jan. 1, 2017, the former San Francisco 49er has maintained a diligent training regimen that keeps him game-day-ready.

After Aaron Rodgers ruptured his Achilles tendon on the first drive of his new chapter with the New York Jets, the team has been scrambling to identify a new configuration to keep them competitive. Despite a gutsy Week 1 win, the team has struggled the last two weeks, leaving major questions about the competitive viability.

Over the weekend, rapper J. Cole shared a letter that Kaepernick wrote to the organization making a case for it to bring him on the practice squad. He cited his peak conditioning, knowledge of the game, and overarching commitment to success as a unique toolkit that would help the young team prepare for the difficult season ahead.

The earnest request led Boardrooom’s Gabe Oshin to wonder about something: If the Jets took him up on the offer, where might it rank among the most iconic sports comebacks?

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