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7 Devices and Accessories for the Secret Cannabis Smoker

Not quite ready to take your cannabis consumption public? Boardroom has assembled seven essential products to help you keep things clandestine.

Just because cannabis is becoming more legalized state-by-state doesn’t mean people are on main street with their marijuana usage.

Whether it’s certain stigmas associated with sparking up or the lack of decriminalization at the federal level, many are scared to go public with their consumption.

Thankfully there are several surefire ways to consume cannabis secretly and avoid any potential judgments that may come as a result of indulging in front of others.  

From personal air filtration systems to edibles to a travel bong that looks like a coffee cup — we’ve got just the stuff for a subtle smoke.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best smoking devices and accessories for behind-closed-doors cannabis consumers.

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Boardroom’s Go-To Guide for Subtle Cannabis Consumption

The following is a roundup of devices, accessories, and cannabis products that can help ensure you smoke on the sly. Boardroom has no affiliation with any of the companies listed.

Smoke Buddy

You can’t talk about discreet smoking accessories without mentioning the Smoke Buddy.

Ever heard of a sploof? It’s a homemade tool to help you conceal your smoke. It consists of a paper towel roll stuffed with dryer sheets that you exhale when smoking weed. It makes the room smell like buds and Downy.

The Smoke Buddy is the adult’s version of the sploof. We’re talking about a personal air filtration system that eliminates smoke, odors, and pollutants.

Best of all — it’s easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to hide in plain sight. Unsuspecting people will have no clue what it is.

Puffco Cupsy

The Puffco Cupsy is both a cup and a bong. It’s a bong cup.

It looks like a regular coffee with a straw you can sip from, but also, it’s a bubbler that you can smoke from. It is made with high-quality materials, including a ceramic bowl that keeps your weed tasting like terps and not burnt plastic or metal.

If you’re a sneaky person that wants a secret smoking device that makes people say “Niiiice, well played” — you might need to cop a Cupsy.

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Talking Terps Budsy

The Budsy is a collab between Talking Terps and Puffco. It is essentially a big version of the Cupsy, but more aesthetically pleasing. 

Talking Terps is a psychedelic-related brand that features the OG Terp Crawford, which is a humanized cannabis nug-shaped figurine that has blown up as an art piece.

Talking Terps has been able to create an entire cult following based on it.

One-hitters and chillums

When it comes to smoking weed, it’s extremely hard to hide the smell, especially if you’re consuming some true fire full of loud aromas, i.e. terpenes.

Because of that, your best bet for private consumption is to blaze in your home. However, if you want to toke on the go, one-hitters and chillums are solid choices.

One-hitters are essentially small pipes that require a very small amount of weed. They often come equipped with flower chambers called dugouts. Spin your one-hitter in the dugout, load the end with flower flakes, hit it a couple of times, and then stash the device right back in your pocket before people have any idea where that smell is coming from.

The most discreet one-hitter is the hollow cigarette type that you can get at any local headshop for somewhere in the market of $5. However, those tend to be made with low-quality materials that may be harmful to your lungs. Therefore, you might want to opt for a glass piece like the one-hitters you get at a reputable company like GRAV.

Chillums are essentially big one-hitters that hold more flower. They are less discreet, but a great option for a quick smoke. 

Smell-proof cases

If you’re hiding your cannabis use, you’re going to need smell-proof containers on deck. It helps you move around with weed comfortably.

Whether you’re shopping in dispensaries or on the street, always store your weed in airtight jars. Ball jars work excellently for this. Additionally, for the folks who buy cannabis in large quantities to minimize how many times you have to hit up your source, you definitely need a smell-proof case for your jars and buds.

Plenty of companies make a solid smell-proof carrying case for reasonable prices. A few include the StashLogix, Smart Stash, and Herb Guard.


Lastly, for the folks who want to ensure no trace of their cannabis consumption, edibles are an excellent way to go.

The experience is a bit heavier than flower or concentration consumption because edibles process through the stomach, versus when you’re smoking, dabbing or vaping and the compounds go directly into the bloodstream.

Ultimately the onset time and type of high are different, but if you’re hiding your weed usage, some gummies that look like your favorite kind of Haribo can’t be beaten.

Air Sanitizers

Air sanitizers are the way to go if you’re using cannabis in secret.

Few of them stack up to the quality of Ozium. Not only does it smell great, it truly knocks out the weed smell in mere minutes, even in hotbox situations.

There are many Ozium flavors, but the original smells like lemony vanilla. With Ozium, you won’t need that Black Ice tree off your rearview mirror any longer.

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