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How Popular Are Edibles in the Cannabis Conversation?

A new report from Weedmaps highlights just how quickly edible cannabis has gained ground on other methods of consumption.

As we’ve learned in our previous look at Weedmaps’ exploration of the state of cannabis in America in 2021, cannabis consumption has largely increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March of 2020. But in a world in which smoking and vaporizing are far from the only ways to experience the flower not just feasibly, but conveniently, the question deserves to be asked:

Which cannabis delivery systems are growing in popularity the fastest?

A survey of 1,000 cannabis consumers said that all categories of weed are gaining momentum in this regard — but none more so than edibles.

“As cannabis consumption and orders increased, we wanted to understand what was driving momentum in the industry,” the Weedmaps report notes. “We asked cannabis consumers about the popularity of the various categories to learn which categories were fueling interest and excitement.”

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An incredibly nice 69% of those surveyed perceived that edibles were getting more popular, with 18% saying their popularity was staying the same and 10% who believed popularity was waning.

“This reflects the explosion of new products that made their way onto ‘best of’ lists across the nation,” Weedmaps said, “including options featuring delta-8 THC.”

Image courtesy of Weedmaps

Vape pens came in second at 59% popularity growth, followed by topicals— including lotions, bath balms, patches, and beauty products— flower, and concentrates.

When breaking down cannabis demand over the first half of 2021 by demographic, it was millennials who led the way by leaps and bounds. The 25-40 age group accounted for 62% of all orders of concentrates— which includes hash, live resin, shatter, sauce, butter (or “budder,” if you like), and crumble— 58% of flower orders, 55% of vape pen orders, and 54% of both edible and topical orders.

Image courtesy of Weedmaps

Aside from millennials, Gen Z — specifically the 21-24 age group — was the demographic most likely to purchase vape pens and concentrates, while the 41-56 Gen X demo was next most likely to buy edibles, flower, and topical products.

“While millennials have often been cited as causing the ‘death’ of many industries,” Weedmaps said, “they are the generation that is the engine of the cannabis boom.”

So when your favorite grandparent or crazy uncle rages on about how millennials are ruining everything, just let them know that they’re the ones behind the cannabis boom in this country.

(That’ll show ’em.)

Click here to read Weedmaps’ full report on cannabis in America.

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