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Bots on Boxing: ChatGPT, Bard AI & Boardroom Predict Canelo Álvarez vs. John Ryder

Last Updated: July 5, 2023
We asked the preeminent artificial intelligence chatbots from OpenAI and Google to help us make a big Ryder vs. Canelo prediction for Saturday’s fight — here’s what we found.

Earlier this spring, Boardroom consulted OpenAI’s lovable, nefarious artificial intelligence construct known affectionately as ChatGPT for its “thoughts” on the 2023 Formula 1 world championship, and the insights were pleasantly plausible. Later, we consulted the precocious dataminer’s algorithmic churnings and bubblings in order to characterize the cultural impact of HBO’s Succession entering its final season. That time, the results were startlingly, perhaps unnervingly prescient.

That got us thinking about two things in particular:

  • What else at the center of all things relevant in sports, business, and entertainment can we handicap, prognosticate, or otherwise delineate with the help of artificial intelligence chatbots?
  • What happens if we embrace the “sexy newcomer” soap opera trope and introduce Google’s own Bard AI into the mix?

Well, we do love a bit of professionally sanctioned facepunching here, and there’s no bigger star in boxing than undisputed super middleweight champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez. Given his penchant for fighting on Cinco de Mayo weekend, it would be a whole lot of locura for us to miss an opportunity to ask ChatGPT and Bard for their readout on how Canelo’s May 6 bout with John Ryder might go for all the 168-pound gold.

Folks, it’s time for some AI-enhanced Canelo vs. Ryder predictions for Saturday’s super middleweight throwdown, plus a full rundown of fight odds from our friends at FanDuel Sportsbook.

Welcome to Bots on Boxing.

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Canelo vs. Ryder Predictions for the Undisputed Super Middleweight Title

NOTE: While a humanbeingperson can take a crack at predicting future events, an AI chatbot “prediction” is more along the lines of a plausible scenario with a reasonable chance to play out.

SAM DUNN: Here’s the sequence of events that absolutely will happen:

  • Leveraging his modest reach advantage, Ryder attempts to recreate Dmitry Bivol’s success in frustrating Canelo by working the jab and emphasizing movement early.
  • By Round 5, the above strategy enjoys limited success and Canelo’s superior timing and power begin to show through. Swelling grows over Ryder’s left eye.
  • The champ scores the fight’s only knockdown between Round 9 and Round 11.
  • Canelo Álvarez defeats Ryder by unanimous decision to defend all four 168-pound title belts. The scorecards read 116-111, 116-111, and a spit-takey 114-113.

ChatGPT: As the bell rings, the tension is palpable. Canelo Álvarez, the reigning super middleweight champion, steps into the ring with his trademark confidence, his fiery red hair matching the intensity of his gaze. Across from him stands his opponent, John Ryder, a gritty underdog who has fought his way up the ranks to earn a shot at the title.

In the opening rounds, Canelo shows off his superior speed and skill, landing precise jabs and vicious body shots that leave Ryder struggling to keep up. But Ryder refuses to back down, trading blow for blow with the champion and earning the respect of the crowd with his tenacity.

As the fight wears on, it becomes clear that Ryder’s strategy is to wear down Canelo with his relentless pressure and endurance. He continues to press forward, launching a barrage of punches that force Canelo to backpedal and fight defensively.

In the middle rounds, Ryder begins to find his rhythm, connecting with powerful hooks and uppercuts that send shockwaves through the arena. Canelo is pushed to his limits, but he refuses to let his guard down, using his experience and skill to weather the storm and counterattack whenever he sees an opening.

As the championship rounds approach, both fighters are visibly exhausted, but they refuse to give up. The crowd is on their feet, roaring with excitement as the two warriors exchange blow after blow in a display of pure heart and determination.

In the final seconds of the fight, Canelo lands a devastating combination that sends Ryder to the canvas. The referee begins to count, but Ryder somehow finds the strength to get back to his feet, his eyes fixed on the champion with a fierce determination.

The bell rings, signaling the end of the fight. The judges’ scorecards are read, and the winner by unanimous decision is Canelo Álvarez. But as the two fighters embrace in the center of the ring, it’s clear that both men have won the respect and admiration of everyone in attendance.

Bard AI: Canelo Álvarez is the undisputed super middleweight champion of the world, and he is coming off a big win over Caleb Plant. John Ryder is the WBO mandatory challenger, and he is a dangerous opponent. This fight has the potential to be very exciting, and here is one possible way it could play out:

  • The early rounds of the fight will be close, with both fighters feeling each other out. Canelo will be the more active fighter, but Ryder will be landing some good shots of his own. As the fight goes on, Canelo will start to take control. He will use his superior size and strength to bully Ryder around the ring. Ryder will try to fight back, but he will be unable to match Canelo’s power. In the late rounds, Canelo will start to land some big shots, and Ryder will be on the ropes. Eventually, Canelo will land a knockout blow, and he will retain his titles.

Here is another possible way the fight could play out:

  • Ryder comes out strong in the early rounds, and he surprises Canelo with his speed and power. Canelo is taken aback, and he is forced to fight on the back foot. Ryder continues to press the action, and he starts to build a lead on the scorecards. As the fight goes on, Canelo starts to find his rhythm, and he begins to land some good shots of his own. The fight becomes very close, and it is anyone’s fight going into the late rounds. In the final round, Canelo lands a big shot that knocks Ryder down. Ryder gets back to his feet, but he is clearly hurt. Canelo goes on the attack, and he eventually finishes Ryder off with a flurry of punches. Canelo wins by knockout, and he retains his titles.

No matter how the fight plays out, it is sure to be an exciting one. Canelo Álvarez is one of the best boxers in the world, and John Ryder is a dangerous opponent. This fight has the potential to be one of the best fights of the year.

Boardroom’s “Bots on Boxing” Canelo vs. Ryder predictions: Canelo Álvarez by unanimous decision (ChatGPT, Boardroom) outvotes Canelo by KO/TKO (Bard AI).

A $100 bet on Canelo by decision at +430 odds pays out a profit of $430.

A $100 bet on Canelo by KO/TKO at -370 odds pays out a profit of $127.

Canelo vs. Ryder Odds

All betting lines via FanDuel Sportsbook as of May 2, 2023.

Moneyline (two-way)

  • Canelo Álvarez: -1800
  • John Ryder: +940

Moneyline (three-way)

  • Canelo Álvarez: -1100
  • John Ryder: +1000
  • Draw: +2000

Method of victory

  • Canelo by points/decision: +430
  • Canelo by KO/TKO: -370
  • Ryder by points/decision: +1700
  • Ryder by KO/TKO: +1600
  • Draw: +2600

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