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Alt Previews “Liquid Auctions” With Rare Josh Allen Rookie Card

The newest feature on the trading card investment platform boasts instant payouts, low seller fees, and expert curation.

Alt, the alternative asset platform that allows users to invest in sports cards and collectibles like stocks on an exchange, is launching a new platform for auctions, and the first preview asset up for grabs is a banger.

Alt is launching Liquid Auctions, an auction service on their platform that will compete with the likes of eBay by bringing (you guessed it) increased liquidy to the world of card auctions. In a preview launching Sunday night, Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. ET, Alt’s Liquid Auctions will boast some key benefits, including:

  • 8% seller fees, the lowest in the industry.
  • Instant payouts within seconds of the end of an auction, either to a user’s Alt account or via bank transfer.
  • Winning bidder will instantly receive their collectibles directly in their personal vault.
  • Every auction is curated by Alt experts, and all assets are rated as investment-grade.

To kick things off, a Josh Allen Rookie Patch Auto /25 from National Treasures heads to the auction block through Sept. 19. Graded a BGS 9.5 with subgrades of 10 (centering), 9.5 (edges), 9 (corners), and 9.5 (surface), this is an attractive card for card investors (and Bills fans) looking to find the next breakout QB in the hobby.

Especially given that Allen began to emerge last year as a trendy pick to win NFL MVP sooner rather than later.

At the time of writing, a BGS 8.5 of the same card /99, is currently at $15,100 on eBay. This card being a BGS 9.5 and /25, breaking the $50,000 mark is far from out of the question. With 8% fees, the seller would $4,000 based on that final price, a difference of $1,000 or more compared to other platforms.

After the auction has ended, the seller will not only get an instant payout, but visible, verifiable ownership of the card via their Alt portfolio. From there, the buyer can decide to keep the card in Alt’s private vault or receive the card physically.

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Alt’s Liquid Auctions aim to change the ever-shifting trading card auction landscape. Collectors have long heard horror stories from other auction platforms, whether related to returns, cards getting swapped either mistakenly or maliciously, and payment processing delays. This development is a step toward modernizing one of the most critical areas of the hobby.

Once the Josh Allen preview wraps, collectors can look forward to Alt’s proper Liquid Auctions grand opening, on Sept. 26th at 9 p.m. ET featuring another high-grade asset.


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