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What’s Next for Larry Fitzgerald?

For now, Fitz is focusing on his work in the community, but his investments have him in a strong position moving forward.

After a 17-year Hall of Fame playing career with the Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald is still figuring out what he’s going to do with the rest of his life.

“It’s still coming into shape,” the 38-year-old told Boardroom. “If you ask me six months from now, I’ll probably have a little bit better of an idea.”

Fitzgerald was in New York City last week at the Footwear News Achievement Awards, representing the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation, where he’s a member of the board of directors.

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“I’m doing a lot of work in the community and doing some of the things that I really appreciate and enjoy in life,” Fitzgerald said. “It gives me meaning to all of that. And being a part of a great organization like the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation is so fulfilling, to be able to serve so many people through all the work that’s been done. It means a lot to me and I know that the young people that Dick’s serves, it means a lot to them as well.”

The Minneapolis native is also a minority investor in the Phoenix Suns, and has stakes in Tonal, Alt, Postscript, Jeeves, management and sports marketing company ProCamps, Phoenix restaurant Steak 44 and travel design company Nomad Hill. So Fitzgerald is well positioned to turn the more than $250 million he made during his decorated playing career into an even more lucrative future.

Fitz, an 11-time Pro Bowler, said he’s been wearing his Air Force Ones a lot lately and described sneaker culture as a great way to be able to express how he feels. He feels similarly about fashion, loving all the design options and possibilities out there.

“When we put our clothes on that day, it’s an expression of your thoughts and the things that you love,” he said. “When we go through our closets and put something on, I think that’s the greatest expression of freedom.”

Fitzgerald is in a great position to express how he feels through investments, clothes and charitable endeavors. Though he’s not entirely sure what he’s going to do going forward, he has everything he needs to continue making noise.


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