Inspired To Move with Tonal Founder Aly Orady

Tonal founder Aly Orady joins Ros Gold-Onwude to talk about how his personal wellness journey inspired him to create an at-home, connected fitness system to optimize strength training and cardio. He discusses the company’s growth, from working with amateur athletes to provide workout solutions during COVID-19 to having the Tonal system available for NBA players in the Orlando bubble. Plus, what the future holds for the brand and the future of movement.

Inspired to Move is a 5-part Boardroom series in partnership with Degree’s ongoing #KeepMoving campaign, which aims to inspire the confidence in everyone to move more amid life’s everyday challenges. That mission is more important now than ever with Americans moving less this year, which is why we’ve asked tech & wellness founders like Aly to share some inspiration of their own while lending insight into their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Watch the full series here


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