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UFC Strike 101: Everything You Need to Know to Start Collecting

Since launching in January, UFC Strike has offered thousands of Moments packs for MMA fans to own. Here’s how you can get in on the action.

Dapper Labs has inscribed itself on the internet and metaverse as the premier destination for elite sports NFTs. First, the company set the internet ablaze with NBA Top Shot, the officially licensed NBA and WNBA NFTs for sports collectors. Now, the company is recreating the same magic with the UFC in the form of UFC Strike.

Boardroom is here to break down everything you need to know before embarking on a collectible journey.

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What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. In other words, it guarantees that a unique digital asset belongs to its owner. While many people will try to make “right click + save” jokes, possessing an NFT ensures that a proprietor owns the original asset and not a copy, thus increasing the value.

What is a UFC Strike Moment?

Now, fans will be able to own some of the must-see moments in UFC history, in the form of a UFC Strike — short video highlights of the sport’s most memorable fights.

Examples of prominent Moments include Francis Ngannou’s emphatic uppercut knockout over Alistar Overeem at UFC 218, and the thunderous performance of U.K. star in the making Paddy Pimblett as he knocked out Luigi Vendramini.

Last week, Israel Adesanya’s debut UFC Strike Moment — his UFC 243 knockout — went for $10,000:

Collecting is just part of the fun, though. Diving deeper, collectors can search for the serial numbers of their unique collectibles. In most cases, the earlier the serial number, the rarer the moment, thus increasing the value and rarity.

UFC Strike Tiers and Editions

MMA fans can earn Moments by purchasing packs of digital cards on the UFC Strike website. While opening packs, collectors can land Moments from an assortment of five levels. However, not every pack will feature Moments from every tier.

Some packs will feature a plethora of commonly rated moments (lesser in value), while others will allow a collector to pack an ultimate Moment at a very slim percentage.

Let’s look at the various tiers and how many Strike moments are minted into each:

  • Fandom: Uncapped amount of Moments
  • Contender: 10,000 to 25,000 minted
  • Challenger: 250 to 999 minted
  • Champion: 25 to 99 minted
  • Ultimate: 1 to 10 minted (most rare)

So far, there have been four unique pack drops on the UFC Strike platform. You can “join the drop” and wait in a digital waiting room to purchase a pack. Once you’re in the queue, wait for an email sent by UFC Strike, revealing your queue I.D. Collectors can buy the limited packs once it’s your time to check out.

Unfortunately, not everybody standing in the digital line will be able to leave their browser with a pack. However, an open marketplace will allow users to skip the randomization of a pack and purchase the specific moment of their liking.

How to Purchase

Dapper has made it extremely easy to purchase Moments.

Dapper Labs has its own blockchain, and each Dapper account will connect each personal account to a digital wallet. The digital wallet is connected to your bank account, meaning that a collector doesn’t need to have their crypto wallet to purchase any of the NFTs.

From your wallet, you can deposit funds from your bank account to purchase packs. Likewise, owners can withdraw funds from the wallet for Moments that have been sold.

I Own a Moment. Now What?

Now, collectors can look at their entire collection and marvel at their ownership. The rarer the Moment, the value will increase over time. Think of it as an art investment.

Maybe you’re on a quest to capture every Conor McGregor Moment on the marketplace. Or, perhaps you want to try your hand at collecting a complete set of Moments from a specific pack. The possibilities are endless.

Collectors can also post Moments on the marketplace for the hustlers out there hoping to earn extra cash. The marketplace does an incredible job at estimating the overall amount that a Moment is worth at any given time.

Now that you know how to earn a UFC Strike Moment, it’s time to head over to their site and own a piece of digital property. Share the moments with your friends, join a Discord of buyers and sellers, and get yourself one step closer to your favorite fighter without having to visit the octagon.

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