TruCreator Drops “Creator Series” Trading Cards

The guys at 2HYPE know how to have a good time. The popular video channel, which boasts a subscriber base of over 1.5 million on YouTube, is the kind of destination at which you can learn everything from how much weight a man can gain in 24 hours, how hard it is to shoot hoops while running on a treadmill, and whether it’s possible for a normal human being to guard JaVale McGee.

The new project celebrates personalities in the online entertainment and gaming spaces.

Spoiler alert: it is not possible. But daring to do all manner of things no one has done before is this squad’s bread and butter. And as 2HYPE’s Kris London and partner Adam Joosten explained to Boardroom Breakers, it’s what led them to their latest venture: TruCreator.

TruCreator aims to celebrate content creators “who push the boundaries of online entertainment,” and they’ve chosen an innovative method to do so: by featuring them in custom sets of trading cards.

From individual six-card packs to 12-pack hobby boxes, content creators get the full-service treatment — including limited-edition autograph and holofoil cards. Among the names in entertainment and gaming featured in the set are  DDG, MMG, Troydan, Yoboy Pizza, AnnoyingTV, Jiedel, ZackTTG, Marcelas  Howard, QJB, JoeKnows, Jeffrey  Bui, Qias Omar, Kenny Chao, and Kris London himself.

“We are incredibly excited to bring this product to market. This is really the first ever box of trading cards to include some of the most popular creators in the world,” London said in an official release. “We are excited for our first-ever Hobby Box product release and the complete collection is insane. We have some big things in the works, so stay tuned!”

TruCreator’s first offerings go live on June 9.

To learn more, visit TruCreator.net, and be sure to give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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