Trea Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers signs a baseball during the All-Star Red Carpet Show (Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Trea Turner: The Red Carpet Interview

Turner spoke to Boardroom about adjusting to L.A., his investment strategy, and how he’d change baseball if he was in charge.

Superstar infielder Trea Turner, once overlooked in MLB All-Star proceedings, is finally getting his due. A midseason trade last year from the Washington Nationals to the Los Angeles Dodgers came after his first All-Star nod and before he finished fifth in National League MVP balloting. Those honors were deserved, as Turner notched a 28-homer, 32-steal season while winning the batting title with a .328 average.

On the All-Star red carpet last week in Los Angeles, the 29-year-old was decked out in an Olive green Stitched suit and a crisp white button down. The upcoming free agent is at it again in 2022 with a .308 average, 15 home runs, and 17 stolen bases as he looks for his second World Series title. Turner spoke to Boardroom about what he’s up to, on and off the field.

You’ve played for the Dodgers here in L.A. now for a while. How has the Los Angeles market been different from Washington for you?

It’s way bigger, but it’s special. I noticed that when I first got traded over that the fans travel so well. Everywhere we go, every city we go, we get a huge chunk of fans. And you can see it out here [on the red carpet] as well. So they show up and they get behind us and it’s a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite L.A. neighborhood or spot that you go to?

For me, I like food. So anywhere there’s good food, I try to go around to different restaurants and try different things. But nothing in particular. I just try to see it all.

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Obviously you’ve gotten a lot done on the investment side, including with Jomboy. What motivates you or what do you look for in an investment?

Something I believe in and something that I understand. Things that don’t make sense to me, I just don’t want to put money into [them] just because it sounds good or looks good on paper. I’ve seen Jomnboy for a while, that one specifically, I enjoy their content, I enjoy what they do and it looks like so much fun. So it was the choice for me, and that’s how I look at it.

Besides for that, what’s the best investment you’ve made in the last year?

I don’t know. I like the partnerships I have with baseball and Adidas has always been great to me. Jimmy V for charity work is big for me and my family as well.

What’s your favorite road city?
New York

What would you be doing if you weren’t a baseball player?

Maybe an engineer

Who’s the one pitcher you’d love to hit a home run off of right now?

Max Scherzer

If you were MLB commissioner for a day, what’s the first thing you’d change?

If a position player comes in to pitch, the game’s over.

Who’s your favorite athlete to watch in a different sport?

Tom Brady‘s pretty good right now, and I want to see Tiger Woods come back and win a couple of more tournaments.

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