Social media influencers with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the NBA House

“That’s Game”: The NBA’s Influencer Program Powers Up

The league is calling on UnitedMasters arists and the NBA House to re-define #ThatsGame and plan giveaways for fans.

“That’s game.”

In pickup basketball circles, that’s your go-to phrase when you succinctly end a contest by knocking down the final bucket. (If you assisted on the clinching shot, you have every right to utter it, too.)

Last month, the NBA began taking that energy a step further in unveiling their “That’s Game” campaign featuring transcendent moments in basketball history around the world, all narrated by Idris Elba.

Now, to bolster fan interaction during the ongoing Eastern and Western Conference Finals, the league is putting an additional twist on the familiar phrase. And to help make this happen, the NBA is tapping a diverse set of influencers from across a number of social platforms to put their own spin on what #ThatsGame means to them.

Mark PhillipsDreezy, and Scooter Magruder are descending upon the state-of-the-art NBA House in Los Angeles.

Musical artists representing UnitedMasters include Tobe NwigweJackson Myles Chavis, and Armani White.

NBA House gives its talented roster all the space and resources they need — including a special visit from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — to articulate what “That’s Game” means to them. Meanwhile, the UnitedMasters crew will pursue a more freestyle approach to defining the concept it relates to their lives and their craft, whether through a recorded verse, a video of their freshest gear, or a highlight from the past year that captures #ThatsGame in its full glory.

Influencers will regularly create original content on their own channels throughout the campaign and interact with fans, keeping the conversation (and the hashtag) going for the home stretch of the NBA Playoffs.

NBA House influencers promoting #ThatsGame

And as the Finals draw nearer, the NBA is also launching “Catch The Game,” a promotion that features a sweepstakes contest and chances to win various prizes. During Conference Finals broadcasts on television and YouTube TV, enthusiasts should be on the lookout for a unique code.

Fans can head to to enter for a chance at instant prizes, including official gear and VIP tickets to the 2022 All-Star Game in Cleveland and the 2022 NBA Finals.

Fans can stay on top of all the action by following the hashtags #NBAHouse and #ThatsGame and by visiting