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Super Bowl LVII Ticket Prices: Boardroom’s Daily Tracker

Last Updated: July 1, 2023
Who’s got the cheapest Super Bowl tickets? How are prices changing over time as we get closer to Chiefs-Eagles in Glendale? Boardroom and Seatgeek have your answers.

The question “how much are Super Bowl tickets?” will never just have one answer; given the nature of the resale market and its ever-expanding web of platforms, there are approximately a half-dozen viable answers in any given minute.

And in the very next minute, there will be approximately a half-dozen more. Such is the way of things in the cutthroat world of ticketing — just ask any Taylor Swift fan — where the luxury of paying merely retail rates is even more out-of-reach than doing the same for a pair of Travis Scott Air Jordans.

With that in mind, using data from our friends at SeatGeek, Boardroom is here to provide daily insight on (1) the average Super Bowl ticket price, (2) the cheapest tickets, and (3) the most expensive tickets, as well as how those numbers change over time in the run-up to the ChiefsEagles showdown in Glendale.

No more delay, folks — check out Boardroom’s daily Super Bowl LVII ticket prices tracker.

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How Much Are Super Bowl Tickets for Chiefs vs. Eagles?

Ticket price data courtesy of SeatGeek resale market listings unless otherwise noted.

Sunday, Feb. 12: Super Bowl Sunday

Cheapest ticket: $4,096 (down 7.31% day-over-day)
Average ticket price: $7,591 (down 7.77%)
Most expensive Super Bowl tickets: $115,048 (no change)

Saturday, Feb. 11: Super Bowl LVII Eve

Cheapest ticket: $4,419
Average Super Bowl LVII ticket price: $8,231
Most expensive ticket: $115,048

Friday, Feb. 10: 2 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Let’s try something a little different today. Here’s how ticket prices are tracking compared to recent years according to TickPick:

Chart and data via TickPick

Specifically, TickPick identifies a bit of a rebound today, with the practical get-in price for Super Bowl inching back to $4,580, which is up 8.25% from Thursday’s SeatGeek number.

Thursday, Feb. 9: 3 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest Super Bowl tickets: $4,231 (down 13.23% day-over-day)
Average ticket price: $6,857 (down 11.79%)
Most expensive ticket: $30,469 (down 30.63%)

Wednesday, Feb. 8: 4 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest ticket: $4,876 (down 10.59%)
Average ticket price: $7,774 (down 8.7%)
Most expensive Super Bowl tickets: $43,924 (no change)

Tuesday, Feb. 7: 5 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest ticket: $5,454 (down 8.84%)
Average Super Bowl ticket price: $8,515 (down 8.99%)
Most expensive ticket: $43,924 (down 62.84%)

Monday, Feb. 6: 6 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest Super Bowl ticket price: $5,983 (up 0.42%)
Average ticket price: $9,356 (down 0.1%)
Most expensive ticket: $118,218 (up 331.14%)

Saturday, Feb. 4 – Sunday, Feb 5: One Week Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest ticket: $5,958 (no change)
Average ticket price: $9,366 (no change)
Most expensive Super Bowl ticket price: $27,420 (no change)

Friday, Feb. 3, 2023: 9 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest ticket: $5,958 (down 4.95%)
Average Super Bowl ticket price: $9,366 (down 5.12%)
Most expensive ticket: $27,420 (down 4.99%)

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023: 10 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest Super Bowl ticket: $6,268 (down 0.6%)
Average ticket price: $9,871 (down 6.29%)
Most expensive ticket: $26,118 (down 11.98%)

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023: 11 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest ticket: $6,306 (down 1.6%)
Average ticket price: $10,533 (down 1.5%)
Most expensive Super Bowl ticket: $29,673 (effectively no change)

Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023: 12 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

Cheapest ticket: $6,409
Average Super Bowl ticket price: $10,693
Most expensive ticket: $29,674

Monday, Jan. 30, 2023: 13 Days Before Super Bowl LVII

As Kyle Zorn of TickPick asserted — your mileage may vary! — about the state of the Super Bowl ticket resale landscape just after mid-day on Jan. 30:

How Do Super Bowl LVII Ticket Prices Compare to Last Year?

For reference, here’s what TickPick’s ticket resale data maintained about the shifting market one year ago ahead of Super Bowl LVI starting on Jan. 30, 2022 — 14 days before the game between the Rams and Bengals in LA:

Want more data? Click here for Boardroom’s full overview of Super Bowl ticket price trends for Rams vs. Bengals on Feb. 13, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

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