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Skechers Shapes Up the Metaverse

The footwear company has filed a series of trademarks that suggest moves into virtual goods and gamified online communities.

After watching Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, and Puma leap into the metaverse, Skechers appears to be ready to follow them into infinite virtual worlds. The sneaker company filed eight trademarks last week with the US Patent and Trademark Office that point toward selling virtual merchandise, as attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property notes to Boardroom.

“Downloadable virtual goods, namely, computer programs featuring footwear, clothing, headwear, eyewear, bags, sports bags, backpacks, sports equipment, art, toys, and accessories for use online and in online virtual worlds,” the filing reads verbatim. “Downloadable computer software for interactive games for use via a global computer network and through various wireless networks and electronic devices; downloadable software for engaging in social networking and interacting with online communities.”

The filings include Skechers’ name, logos, and other phrases the company uses, including “Twinkle Toes,” “Arch Fit,” “Go Walk,” and “Bobs.” Skechers hasn’t formally announced that they will be joining the metaverse, but that could be because the brand is still in the process of planning. 

Outside of other sneaker and apparel brands joining the metaverse, the Brooklyn Nets made headlines Monday by filing similar trademarks. It’s believed the Nets are the first professional sports team to join the metaverse. Most of the trademarks that have been filed use the term “virtual goods” while listing potential merchandise that could be sold. 

Image from Skechers’ metaverse trademark filings

At the end of last year, Shaquille O’Neal filed trademarks using similar terminology that we’ve seen from an increasing number of footwear and apparel brands. Takeoff, a member of Atlanta-based rap trio Migos, launched his own NFT platform, “Apes in Space,” as part of a project attempting to build a community within the metaverse.

At this rate, for investors and creators looking to make the most of the cutting edge of tech in the age of Web3, the question isn’t if a leap into the metaverse is coming, but when.

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