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Paris Hilton: Queen of the Metaverse?

Last Updated: July 20, 2023
Following Paris Hilton’s new trademark applications, Boardroom lays out all of the Y2K influencer’s work in the metaverse.

OG Internet influencer and socialite Paris Hilton is back with new moves in the metaverse.

On Aug. 17, the Y2K entertainer filed for two trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office. As noted by attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, Hilton wants ownership over “QUEEN OF THE METAVERSE” and “CRYPTOWEEN” for various entertainment services.

The paperwork was filed in California via Afschineh Latifi, an attorney at Tucker & Latifi.

The new marks

Both marks consist of standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size, or color. Aside from what Gerben mentioned in his tweet, here are a few other purposes Hilton wants to use the two trademarks for:

  • Online electronic games and video games
  • Music, films, videos, and other multimedia content
  • Virtual entertainment and recreational environments that feature content streaming and other live events
  • Digital collectibles, digital tokens, and NFTs
  • Virtual clothing, footwear, perfumes, hair care products, kitchenware, household items, and cosmetics

From the looks of the trademark applications, it sounds like Hilton is creating her own version of Sims, but with Web3 flavor and a mix of Halloween. This wouldn’t come as a surprise since Hilton has been eagerly cementing her name in the metaverse over the past year. Hilton first began investing in crypto in 2016 after she befriended Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin.

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Hilton’s Moves in the Metaverse

When Hilton appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in January, she talked about her experience with Web3 and NFTs. While gifting the crowd NFTs, she even went as far as to say that she believes the metaverse is the “future of partying, going out, interacting with people and being social.”

Here are some highlights of Hilton’s metaverse presence.

NFTs of her cat Munchkin

One of Hilton’s earliest moves in the NFT world was when she created digital art of her cat, Munchkin, and sold those pieces as NFTs to benefit charity. This is when Hilton emerged as a voice for NFTs and began promoting how beneficial they could be.

Iconic Crypto Queen NFT

One of Hilton’s debut NFTs, the one-of-one Iconic Crypto Queen, sold for 555 ETH in April 2021, which was valued at $1.1 million at the time. The NFT is part of a collection that Hilton developed with Blake Kathryn, an LA-based futuristic 3D artist. The pair worked together to create Planet Paris, a collection that includes dreamy pink environments and depictions of Hilton’s dog, Tinkerbell.

Paris World

Hilton has her own island in Roblox where she hosts various events and installations. Fans can also play mini-games, stay at Hilton’s virtual mansion, and drive her luxury cars. The island is a virtual replica of Hilton’s Beverly Hills estate. She’s hosted various events on Roblox, including the Neon Carnival during Coachella and a 2021 New Year’s Eve celebration featuring DJ Skee.

Hilton also announced this month that Paris World is expanding to The Sandbox, where she’ll be hosting virtual parties.

Origin Protocol

In June 2021, Hilton joined NFT platform Origin Protocol as a strategic advisor and investor. As part of the deal, Hilton helps push the company’s mission to make NFTs mainstream.

“As NFTs continue to become increasingly popular amongst content creators, it was a no-brainer to have Paris join our team at Origin Protocol,” Origin Protocol co-founder Josh Fraser told The Washington Post in a statement. “Her knowledge and expertise in content creation bring a fresh perspective to space.”

Investment in Immi

Hilton’s 11:11 Media participated in an investment round for Immi, an animation mobile app, ahead of its launch in May. The amount of her investment was not disclosed.

Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings

Hilton teamed up with Superplastic, an entertainment brand known for creating digital collectibles and animated characters, to launch an autobiographical NFT collection on Origin Protocol’s marketplace. The collection features Superplastic’s digital character, Dayzee, and chronicles Hilton closing an abusive chapter in her life to open up a healthier one.

Hilton’s NFT collection

Hilton’s NFT portfolio is valued at an estimated $454,000, and looking at her OpenSea account, she owns over a thousand NFTs. Here are some of the notable ones.

Bored Ape #1294

Hilton’s most expensive NFT in her collection is Bored Ape #1294. She purchased the ape for 119 ETH in January, which was roughly $287,000 at the time. Hilton first shared her purchase on Fallon’s show, which is how we easily found her wallet on OpenSea to check out the other NFTs in her portfolio. Hilton handled the purchase via MoonPay.

Otherdeed #1294

Hilton minted Otherdeed #1294 when the metaverse project from Yuga Labs dropped.

Mad Rabbit #7175

Mad Rabbits gifted Hilton Mad Rabbit #7175 back in January.

RTFKT Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1 : PARIS HILTON

RTFKT produced only 11 pairs of these sneakers, and they raffled one off to fans. Hilton owns the exclusive NFT, which was airdropped to her in May. The 11:11 graphic is a nod to Hilton’s global media content company and platform.

You #9209

BFF is a crypto community primarily for women and non-binary individuals. Hilton owns You #9209, which actually kind of looks like her. This is the PFP she’s currently using on her social accounts.

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