San Diego Padres Unveil 2022 Nike City Connect Jerseys

The Padres are ready for summer on Baja with their latest Nike-designed digs set to make their MLB debut on July 8.

The San Diego Padres have had plenty of fun and creative jerseys over their 53-year history, but none quite like the Nike City Connect jerseys the team unveiled on Friday in paying homage to the vibrant colors of the Baja peninsula.

The white jerseys feature pink and teal lettering with yellow accents and showcase vintage California typography meant to mimic weathered beach signs. The final City Connect jerseys unveiled by Nike and Major League Baseball in 2022 (after the Rockies, Astros, Royals, Angels, Brewers, and Nationals), the new Padres unis will debut on July 8 when they host the San Francisco Giants at Petco Park.

The different colors on each sleeve and in the font of the San Diego across the front of the jersey are meant to represent a place in which two cities, countries, and cultures meet and are united under the banner of one team. San Diego is a border town, less than 20 miles from Mexico and one of its largest cities, Tijuana. With fans from both the US and Mexico going back and forth across the border to work and socialize each day, the Padres are a uniquely multi-national, multi-cultural club.

The pink and yellow elements to the jersey are meant to evoke a perfect sunset over the Pacific Ocean, one to be celebrated by fans on either side of the border, whether listening while laid out on a perfect Southern California beach or watching live from Petco Park.

Nike Padres City Connect gear will soon be available at retail locations and will include authentic and replica jerseys, hoodies, and t-shirts for men and women.

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