Meet the Mysterious MNLTH, Nike’s First NFT Collectible

A co-branded collaboration with RTFKT has produced MNLTH (pronounced “Monolith”), a mysterious Nike NFT creation available for purchase on OpenSea.

Video gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and adherents of the mystical and supernatural are doing a double-take Monday as they attempt to reckon with Nike’s first foray into collectible NFTs. More or less in unison, these folks are all asking the same question:

“What is MNLTH?”

Pronounced “monolith,” we’re looking at the first NFT collaboration between Nike and RTFKT (“artifact”), the virtual sneakers and collectibles brand that the Swoosh acquired in December. Physically, it’s a dynamic object that appears much like a crate — but this isn’t some loot box or storage aid.

As the item’s official description reads on OpenSea:

“Behold a mysterious MNLTH, etched with Nike & RTFKT markings. It seems to be sentient . . . What does it do?”

Sentient, eh? Getting some uncomfortable Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant vibes here. Is my face going to melt off if and when someone figures out how to open up one of these MNLTHs?

MNLTH NFTs were sent directly to individuals who own items from RTFKT’s Clone X NFT collection, with the rest available for a floor price of 5.6 ETH (approximately $16,848) as of this writing. And if the early action is any indication, a little mystery and intrigue can go a long way in commanding attention in the increasingly competitive market for non-fungible token collectibles.

The company describes MNLTH as “powered by DART X, or Dynamic Artefact Reveal Technology.” And while we don’t entirely know what that means yet — sounds like we’re talking about dynamic NFTs, but who can be sure? — we can be more than certain that this is merely a glimpse of the earliest of the early stages of Nike’s plans for RTFKT.

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