The New NFL Uniforms and Throwbacks Ready to Take the Field

Now that the league has loosened its uniform restrictions, some classic NFL throwback jerseys are making a comeback, including the Eagles’ Kelly Green and Bucs’ Creamsicle getups.

The NFL‘s “single-helmet rule” is no more. As the league announced in a memo last year, beginning in 2022, teams will be able to wear a secondary helmet for home games to pair with their alternate, classic, or Color Rush uniforms.

This undoes a rule instituted in 2013 mandating that teams use only one helmet in order to ensure proper fit and to keep players from cycling in and out of multiple versions that have the potential to be less safe. Now, as long as each helmet complies with the NFL’s specified safety criteria, the rule has been loosened to allow players to don helmets that better correspond with throwbacks and alternates.

Here’s everything we know about the teams that plan to take advantage in 2022 and beyond.

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New Orleans Saints

Black helmet (2022)

The Saints had a litany of options, but their choices ultimately boiled down to black, gold, and white. The team chose a black design with their logo emblazoned the side and a Fleur-de-Lis stripe down the middle. The helmets will accompany the Saints’ all-white Color Rush jerseys, notes Mike Triplett of ESPN.

New England Patriots

Alternate red throwback uniforms (2022)

After a decade-long hiatus, the Patriots’ red throwback uniforms will return later this year. The uniforms are identical to the original red, white, and blue that the team wore from 1960 to 1993. Starting in 2000, the Pats switched over to the colors and patterns we know today, but later this year, fans will rejoice at the opportunity to celebrate the past in the present.

Washington Commanders

Completely new primary uniforms (2022)
Alternate black uniforms (2022)

After a year without a proper mascot, the football team in our nation’s capital formerly, temporarily known as the Washington Football Team rebranded itself as the Washington Commanders. To mark the beginning of a new era, the team unveiled new uniforms that provide a style update while preserving the club’s traditional burgundy and gold as their primary colors.

Fans can also expect a new twist — an alternate black jersey that uses burgundy and gold as secondary colors. 

Philadelphia Eagles

Black helmet (2022)
Kelly Green throwback uniforms (2023)

Like many other uniforms on this list, the Eagles have not worn their iconic Kelly Green jerseys and helmets since 2010 due to the NFL’s rules. That will change next year, as the team announced in March that the jerseys would return. In the meantime, the team is also set to debut a black helmet later this year, though we haven’t seen photos yet.

The franchise also has plans to update its official logo, keeping the Eagle mascot but introducing new lettering.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“Creamsicle” throwback uniforms (2023)

Though they were originally planned for a 2022 return, global supply chain issues pushed the Buccaneers‘ orange creamsicle throwback uniforms to 2023. The Buccaneers originally wore the love-them-or-hate-them uniforms for two decades, from 1976-1996, before eventually adopting red, pewter, and black in ’97 and adding orange back into the mix in 2014.

Chicago Bears

Orange Helmet

The Bears’ secondary color, orange, will be front and center on Oct. 13 when Chicago will wear an orange helmet for the first time in the franchise’s 100-year history. The helmet will see the Chicago ‘C’ decal take on navy blue instead of the orange.

“We believe we have the best uniforms in sport, certainly among the most iconic,” said Bears Chairman George H. McCaskey in a statement on the team’s website. “So, we’re not looking to overhaul it. We just want to make enhancements to the existing look from time to time and we think this is a great enhancement. I’m very excited for this modification. I like that it’s staying within the traditional Bears look. We’re excited about them and hope the fans will be too.”

Cincinnati Bengals

White Bengal Helmet

Bengals fans’ demand to see an all white helmet will finally end. Last month the reigning AFC champs announced for the first time in franchise history the team will have a white helmet. Before the announcement Bengals’ fans were happy with the team’s new uniform designed but begged the team for a “white bengal” helmet. The team is scheduled to wear the helmet on Thursday, Sept. 29 against the Dolphins. Cinci’s usual orange will be moved to the outline of the numbers and other small details on the jersey.  

Houston Texans

Battle Red helmet

To the surprise of many, the Houston Texans joined the proverbial new helmet club with a “battle red” colorway. When the Texans wear the helmets on Nov. 3 against the Eagles it will mark the end of a 7,361 day streak of only wearing navy blue helmets. The uniforms that will be aligned with the helmet have not yet been revealed.


Stealth Black helmet

The New York Jets will take a similar approach to the Carolina Panthers on Oct. 30 when the Jets debut a new “stealth black” helmet alongside their black uniforms. According to the team’s website, the helmet is inspired by a stealth fighter jet. Sophomore wideout Elijah Moore said, “our alternate helmets are the definition of swaggy.” The new helmet will be the first time the Jets will sport a black helmet. 


Throwback helmet

The Dallas Cowboys’ throwback helmet will return on Thanksgiving (Nov. 24) later this year against the New York Giants. The helmet, which is primarily white, features a single navy blue star with no outline and the traditional stripes down the middle of the headgear.

“The white helmet, along with the throwback uniforms honoring our teams from the 1960s, have long been a fan favorite, and we’re thrilled to bring back the tradition of wearing those helmets and uniforms on Thanksgiving again,” said Dallas Cowboys Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones on the team’s website.


The old school dirty birds will fly again in Atlanta with the team’s throwback red helmet returning with a classic Falcons logo on the side. Atlanta will wear the helmets on Oct. 16 when they play the San Francisco 49ers. The Falcons will wear the headgear with black jerseys.

The team’s cornerback A.J. Terrell said in a team video, “definitely, like looking at all the throwback uniforms. This one always comes to mind. It’s very rare seeing a red helmet with the gold stripe down the middle so I can’t wait to put this on.”


Classic blue uniforms

The Giants will pay homage to the ‘80s and ‘90s for two games this season as the team announced in July they will dawn their classic blue uniforms twice this year. 

“This uniform represents a significant part of Giants history, and we have often been asked by our fans if we would ever wear it again,” Giants Chief Commercial Officer Pete Guelli said on the team’s website. “We started the uniform process with the NFL two years ago, and we’re excited to see it come to life for two games this season. These Legacy Games will connect generations of Giants fans.”


Black helmet

The Arizona Cardinals have only sported white and red helmets but that will change this year when team debuts a black cap this season. Fans have begged the team for a uniform overhaul so some will be cautiously excited to see the Cardinals new from the shoulders up. 

“I like that it’s new and different,” defensive end J.J. Watt said on the team’s website. “It’s cool. It’s going to look good under the lights with the black uniforms.

Coming Soon: Detroit Lions

There will be no change to the Detroit Lions’ uniforms this season, but as team president Rod Wood told reporters in March, “We’re actually starting a process to look at a possible change for next year. It’s really like a year-plus lead time, so we just convened a committee. I know we get a lot of things tweeted at us and suggestions about what fans want, so we catalogue all those and we’ll take them under advisement.”

From Motor City and beyond, stay tuned for more on NFL throwback jerseys. Thanks to a much-needed rule change, the floodgates are officially open.

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