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NBA Threads: A Guide to the Thriving Hardwood Community

Boardroom breaks down NBA Threads and the growing community on the text-based app.

Social media apps have evolved far past just content-sharing platforms.

From fashion to sports to entertainment and beyond, each platform allows users to create communities to connect on their common interests. The NBA culture on Threads presents a new and budding community for NBA players, fans, and content creators alike. It’s a new digital destination for the NBA community to come together for positive and productive conversations.

Here’s a primer on NBA Threads and everything you need to know to get in on the conversation on the app.

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The NBA Threads Culture

The Instagram team launched Threads five months ago, allowing people to follow and join the conversations they care about most. The primary purpose of Threads is to be an app more focused on text and dialogue, modeled after what Instagram has done for photos and videos. Users can easily use their existing Instagram profiles to build audiences quickly and connect with others who share the same interests.

Threads, which has attracted approximately 100 million monthly active users, has many of our favorite social media features, including a following feed, the ability to edit posts, native GIFs, and pinning posts. Recent reports this week also show that Threads is outpacing X in new app downloads.

The NBA Threads culture has become a home for the growing NBA Threads community, and users have been organically fostering conversation around the global sport. The Instagram team exclusively told Boardroom that it’s investing resources and working with the league to elevate the fan experience on Threads. Meta is going a step further to invest in the NBA community by bringing next-generation immersive viewing opportunities to fans with its live VR games, creating NBA fan zones within Horizon Worlds, and making it easier for fans to share and build community around the games through Threads.

Now, there aren’t specific instructions to get in on NBA Threads; you just have to join the platform and find and follow the conversation. It’s that simple.

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NBA Threads is big on having real-time conversations while watching games, and if you’re not engaging online, you might miss key Threads that can enhance the overall viewing experience. Oftentimes the best storylines of the games are not the stat lines or even what broadcasters pick up, but it’s what fans on social media find most entertaining to create conversation around. And let’s be honest, isn’t it fun when you’re online at the exact moment a meme comes alive from players’ reactions on the court? It’s priceless.

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The NBA Threads account alone has 5 million followers getting in on the basketball community, and it often engages with users in NBA conversations. Some voices in the NBA community have helped guide conversations and interactions beyond the official NBA account. To get you started, here are the top accounts leading the NBA conversation on Threads.

Top NBA Threaders

  1. Athlete: Jordan Clarkson 
  2. Commentator: Adrian Wojnarowski
  3. Creator: Da Kid Gowie
  4. Team: Phoenix Suns
  5. Media: Ballislife 
  6. League: NBA 
  7. Fan: Rush

NBA Threads and other social media communities allow users to build community around the players, teams, and moments they are most interested in following and investing in. Whether it’s finding people who love your team, collectively have a strong opinion about who’s the GOAT, or have the same reaction to a player’s performance or a referee’s call, engaging online around the NBA allows people to fully immerse themselves in the league in a new way.

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Here’s a categorized list of top NBA players and voices to follow as you track and participate in the best NBA convos on Threads:


Media Talent/Commentators

Athletes (NBA/WNBA) 

Basketball Voices/Fans

Digital Publications

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