Vote to Emote: The NBA and Fortnite Team Up Ahead of All-Star Weekend

The NBA and Fortnite are letting fans vote on a celebration emote as part of the game’s NBA 75 All-Star Hub.

In time for this weekend’s NBA All-Star festivities in Cleveland, the NBA is teaming up with Fortnite for the second time to celebrate the league’s best players and teams.

Starting now and running until 10 a.m. on Feb. 23, fans will get to vote on a celebration emote as part of the NBA 75 All-Star Hub.

Their options: Giannis Antetokounmpo sitting up and crossing his arms, Trae Young crossing his arms and rubbing his biceps after a huge made three-pointer, and Joel Embiid extending his arms and flying like a plane. The winner will be revealed on Fortnite’s social channels.

Fortnite gamers can check out the All-Star Hub until Feb. 23, featuring indoor and outdoor courts with All-Star and NBA 75 logos and signage, photo booths, and a lounge area where fans can check out classic NBA highlights. As a bonus, the outdoor areas in the game are designed to mimic NBA Lane, a series of IRL commercials celebrating the league’s diamond anniversary. There will also be red, gray, and NBA 75 All-Star uniforms available for your character to rock out in.

The NBA x Fortnite partnership began last May when the two teamed up for The Crossover, which featured uniforms and gear from all 30 teams, as well as custom outfits curated by Young and Donovan Mitchell. Those jerseys are back as part of the In The Paint Set, which also includes the dribbling emote, the attachable mini hoop where you can practice your jumper, and the hookshot toy. Along with the NBA 75 Set, there are holographic logos for all 30 teams and custom lockers featuring your favorite squad. All these features will only be available until next week, coinciding with the end of the “vote to emote” campaign.

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