Out of Office: Josh Richards On Social Media Stardom, Becoming Chief Strategy Officer for Triller, & More

Josh Richards is an 18-year-old digital media entrepreneur, angel investor and social media personality, with over 25M followers across platforms. He’s also Chief Strategy Officer for Triller, the video and social media app company, and competitor with TikTok. In just a few years, Richards has co-founded digital talent management firm TalentX, co-founded Ani Energy, an energy drink business, and signed a record deal with Warner Records. He also co-hosts the podcast BFFs with Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports. In this episode, the Canadian teen talks to Rich and Gianni about his early attraction to business; squashing beefs between the content creator camps, Sway House and Hype House; his admiration for Mark Wahlberg; and his aspirations for growing his business, both as an entrepreneur and entertainer.   


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