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Music on the Blockchain: Lil Durk Fans Can Own a Piece of His Next Song

Rapper Lil Durk is putting his next song on the blockchain, offering 3,333 fans exclusive token-gated experiences, including royalties from OTF music and a GTA server.

Lil Durk is fusing his music, gaming, and Web3 interests through a new partnership with Exceed Talent Capital. The renowned rapper is offering fans ownership of his upcoming song release via NFTs set to hit the blockchain on Nov. 29.

Exceed Talent Capital is a fintech company that runs a platform allowing consumers to invest, earn, and engage with their favorite creators, musical artists, and other talent icons. The company is partnering with Lil Durk to offer fans an IPO of his dong Bedtime featuring Doodie Lo, which will come with exclusive and IRL perks.

The offering will come via Ethereum-based NFTs, with 3,333 all-access passes available to fans to purchase. One of the main utilities of the Trenches All-Access Passes is that they grant fans a chance to profit off of royalties for Lil Durk’s upcoming song.

“Where I’m from, few own anything. As The Voice of the Trenches and for my label OTF, I’m always looking for ways to expand and give back to my people,” Lil Durk said in an official news release. “Exceed makes it possible for my fans to become part of my team and share in our success together.”

Another perk of holding this exclusive NFT is lifetime access to a custom Grand Theft Auto server built by Lil Durk’s OTF Gaming company. Over 15,000 eager gamers are currently on the role-play server’s waitlist.

Lil Durk is the first musical artist to launch an initiative of this sort on Exceed’s marketplace. Exceed shared a roadmap on its website for its plans for Lil Durk’s IPO, which includes access to limited edition OTF march, free concert tickets, and events down the line.

“We believe the blockchain is a really efficient way to deliver and authenticate digital assets,” Exceed President Anthony Martini said in a statement. “We’re not talking about JPEGs that sit in your wallet; in fact, you don’t even need a wallet to participate. We’re simply using tokens to deliver assets that people can use in ways they’re already familiar with. Think of it as web 2.5.”

Check out Boardroom’s explainer on token gating to see how creators monetize their content in Web3.

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