TopShot LeBron James’s Highlights

LeBron James’s Highlights Sell for Thousands in Online Market

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Thanks to NBA Top Shot, basketball fans can buy, sell, and trade numbered versions of highlights on its blockchain-based platform. The platform is a joint venture between the NBA, the NBPA, and Dapper Labs, creator of popular blockchain-centered game CryptoKitties. The highlights are initially offered in limited edition packs, which sell for prices ranging between $9 and $230. Once packs sell out, the only way to purchase the NBA Top Shot highlights is on the company’s marketplace.

When a user purchases a highlight, it will be added to the buyer’s highlight wallet. The main selling point for NBA Top Shot is that collectors do not have to worry about counterfeits, decay, or scams on its virtual blockchain platform. 

NBA Top Shot capitalizes on two booming industries, sports collectibles and cryptocurrency, and the results have been incredible. Beyond the $71,455 LeBron highlight, a Ja Morant highlight (numbered to 49) was sold on the platform’s marketplace for $35,000 on January 15th.  


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