What’s it Like to Pull a 1-of-1 LeBron James Card (and Win a Lambo at the Same Time)?

Boardroom talks to JMO of Backyard Breakers, the guy who ripped the highly sought-after LeBron James Triple Logoman card.

JMO, a trading card enthusiast and content creator with Backyard Breaks, did what Drake could never do — be the one who opened the LeBron James Triple Logoman card from Panini’s Flawless NBA set.

This LeBron Triple Logoman was, from several different perspectives, the single-most sought-after card in the hobby the last few months. Most of the hype was drawn up by Champagne Papi and his search for the illustrious card that featured game-used patches from each of LeBron’s NBA teams. And then Whatnot, the live auction streaming app, said that whoever opened the LeBron James Triple Logoman on their app would receive a Lamborghini Huracan.

After hundreds of cases of Flawless were ripped, JMO of Backyard Breaks was the lucky breaker who opened the Triple Logoman. Boardroom caught up with JMO to discuss what was going through his mind at the rip and what his future plans are as an owner of the Lamborghini Huracan.

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BRETT PICKERT: After Whatnot announced they were giving away a Lambo, were there any initial thoughts going through your head?

JMO: After Whatnot put the Lambo bounty out, the thought that went into my head was ‘I can’t wait to drive to my parents’ house in a Lambo.’ For the months prior, all I wanted to do was pull the logoman, to become the greatest breaker in the world, and do it for the Backyard and all our fans, followers, and team. This Lamborghini was just a nice cherry on top.

BP: Did you ever expect you would hit a card as big as this?

JMO: I 100% expected it. Forget about the Lambo for a minute. When Whatnot brought out Flawless and gave us the Friday night lights with five cases of Flawless. I was preparing all week for — not if I hit — but when I hit it. I told every single person in the office to pack your bags because once I pull it we’re going to Disney World.

BP: What was going through your mind when you pulled the LeBron Triple Logoman?

JMO: When I saw a 1/1 horizontal, my heart was going through my chest. I was sweating like a mad man. As much as I knew it was the triple logo man, I was also saying in my head ‘there’s no way this is actually it.’ I then pulled, and for the next few seconds I don’t remember anything besides screaming. It’s like I left my body and watched from above. I was laying on the ground, camera flipped on me with the card next to me in the picture, chat was going crazier than I’ve ever seen with 2k+ watching. I was thinking about my family, my friends, my coworkers who are behind the scenes, the ones who are in front of the camera, the viewers, the buyers, the day-ones, I was thinking about the how all the haters are about to get even more mad that the best breakers in the world pulled the greatest card in live streaming history.

BP: Who were the lucky owner(s) that ended up hitting the card out of the break? If multiple owners, did they end up splitting ownership or was it raffled to a random person?

JMO: The three lucky winners’ usernames on Whatnot are jhic, kingmitz, and Kop99. Three guys who have been with us for a while and three guys who are more than deserving to own a third of history. It is way too big of a card to randomize, as all three winners and I instantly agreed that it won’t be randomized and will be split between the three once it is sold.

BP: Do they plan on selling it to Drake for the $5 million bounty or keeping the card?

JMO: It is not my card so I don’t know what they are doing with it. It’s none of my business, I’m just glad I ripped it for them. My message to Drake would be: You had a chance to come rip with us. Where else did you think the greatest card in history would be pulled? Only in the Backyard.

BP: Now that you’re an owner of a Lamborghini, where are you taking it first?

JMO: I don’t plan on driving the Lamborghini like crazy because I don’t plan on keeping it my entire life. Gas prices are crazy, of course. I do plan on getting some great content out of it as the team, the fans, and I have been waiting for its arrival.

BP: According to Google, the Lamborghini Huracan is a $330k+ car. Is there a particular card you would trade it for?

JMO: There is no card that I would trade for it. I would much rather sell it then go buy any card I want!

BP: Will you make the drive to The National in the Lambo?

JMO: I will most definitely NOT be putting the miles on that car by driving it to Nationals!

BP: Who at Backyard Breaks will be the first one to scratch the Lambo?

JMO: The first person to scratch the car better be the first person to pay for the damages! I think Zach, one of our media guys, will guilt us into letting him get one lap around the parking lot and he will somehow scratch it.

BP: What’s next for JMO and Backyard Breaks?

JMO: Staying humble, continue doing what we do and how we do it. The guys in the chat know. The biggest card in history won’t change us. Sure, I think I’m the best breaker in the world, but that will never stop me from throwing in free boxes in every single break, blessing people who don’t hit in breaks, informing my new viewers of any questions they have and most importantly, continuing pulling the hottest cards in the hobby. This is absolutely only the beginning.

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