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Stephen Curry vs. Kevin Durant: The Story So Far

Last Updated: December 27, 2021
As Steph’s Warriors head to Brooklyn to face KD’s Nets, let’s take stock of how these two former teammates and all-time superstars’ careers stack up against each other.

Two former teammates meet again Tuesday night in the NBA.They have five rings, 18 All-Star appearances, and over 43,000 career points between them. They’re both among the most popular players of not just their generation, but any generation.

And on Monday, they were each named Player of the Week in their respective conference. Fittingly.

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are heading back to the Barclays Center to take on Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. And before they do, it’s fine time for Boardroom to take stock of how each superstar’s remarkable career stacks up with the other’s.

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Steph vs. KD: Earnings & Honors

Career Salary

Numbers via Spotrac.

ESTIMATED THROUGH 2021-22: Durant $306,172,746, Curry $254,736,348
CURRENT CONTRACT (TOTAL VALUE): Durant $164,255,700, Curry $201,158,790
CURRENT CONTRACT (AVG. ANNUAL VALUE): Durant $41,063,925, Curry $40,231,758

All-Star Appearances

Durant 11, Curry 7

All-NBA Appearances

TOTAL: Durant 9, Curry 7
FIRST TEAM: Durant 6, Curry 4

Scoring Titles

Durant 4, Curry 2

NBA championships

Durant 2, Curry 3

MVP Trophies

LEAGUE MVP: Durant 1, Curry 2
FINALS MVP: Durant 2, Curry 0

THE VERDICT: Steph superfans may say “count the rings,” but Durant gets the edge in both individual honors and the financial bottom line.

KD vs. Steph Box Score Stat Comparison

  • REGULAR SEASON (PER GAME): Durant 27.1, Curry 24.3
  • REGULAR SEASON (TOTAL): Durant 24,298, Curry 18,799
  • PLAYOFFS (PER GAME): Durant 29.5, Curry 26.5
  • PLAYOFFS (TOTAL): Durant 4,454, Curry 2,968
Rebounds per Game

REGULAR SEASON:Durant 7.1, Curry 4.6
PLAYOFFS: Durant 7.8, Curry 5.4

Assists per Game

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 4.2, Curry 6.5
PLAYOFFS: Durant 4.0, Curry 6.3

Steals per Game

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 1.1, Curry 1.7
PLAYOFFS: Durant 1.0, Curry 1.6

Blocks per Game

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 1.1, Curry 0.2
PLAYOFFS: Durant 1.2, Curry 0.3

Field Goal Percentage

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 49.6%, Curry 47.6%
PLAYOFFS: Durant 47.8%, Curry 45.0%

Three-point Percentage

REGULAR SEASON:Durant 38.5%, Curry 43.2%
PLAYOFFS: Durant 35.7%, Curry 40.1%

Free Throw Percentage

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 88.2%, Curry 90.8%
PLAYOFFS: Durant 86.5%, Curry 90.6%

THE VERDICT: KD gets the edge in scoring, rebounding, and blocks. Curry gets the edge in shooting efficiency, assists, and steals.

Steph vs. KD Advanced Stat Comparison

Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

Player Efficiency Rating seeks to measure a player’s overall contribution with an all-encompassing stat. A PER of 15.0 is considered the league average.

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 25.3, Curry 24.1
PLAYOFFS: Durant 24.6, Curry 23.0

Box Plus-Minus (BPM)

BMP seeks to measure a player’s overall contribution based on traditional box score stats.

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 6.8, Curry 6.5
PLAYOFFS: Durant 7.2, Curry 6.9

True Shooting Percentage

TS% combines all field goals and free throws into one percentage weighted for the point value of each shot.

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 61.6%, Curry 62.6%
PLAYOFFS: Durant 60.0%, Curry 60.9%

Offensive Rating (ORtg)

A player’s ORtg measures their team’s points scored per 100 possessions while he or she is on the court.

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 118, Curry 118
PLAYOFFS: Durant 116, Curry 116

Defensive Rating (DRtg)

A player’s DRtg measures their team’s points allowed per 100 possessions while he or she is on the court.

REGULAR SEASON: Durant 105, Curry 107
PLAYOFFS: Durant 106, Curry 107

Win Shares

Borrowed and adapted from baseball, shares seek to measure individual players’ contributions to winning games in a single all-encompassing stat.

REGULAR SEASON (TOTAL): Durant 149.6, Curry 114.8
REGULAR SEASON (PER 48 MINUTES): Durant .218, Curry .207
PLAYOFFS (TOTAL): Durant 25.2, Curry 17.1
PLAYOFFS (PER 48 MINUTES): Durant .199, Curry .194

THE VERDICT: The advanced metrics hand Durant an advantage nearly across the board.

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