Keegan Murray shakes hands with NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver after being selected number four overall by the Sacramento Kings during the 2022 NBA Draft (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Keegan Murray: The Red Carpet Interview

Boardroom caught up with Keegan Murray before the NBA Draft to cover his first purchase as a pro and how he wants to dunk on a Hawkeye legend.

Rocking a gray suit, black shirt, and black tie from Indochino with a Rolex Daytona on his right wrist, Iowa wing Keegan Murray more than looked the part on the red carpet Thursday night at the NBA Draft. He was even wearing cufflinks for the occasion, representing charitable initiatives he’s active in.

Just hours before being picked fourth overall by the Sacramento Kings, the Iowa product chatted with Boardroom about when he first thought he could make the NBA, how he’ll spend his first pro check, and some high-key Hawkeye trash talk.

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What he would be doing if not for basketball:

“I’d be golfing. I’m a big golfer, so I’d probably be on the course.”

A song that would describe his feeling on the red carpet on Draft Day:

“‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem”

What he’s doing with his first $1 million 

“Shoot, buy an apartment, somewhere to live. That’ll probably be my first purchase, but nothing crazy.”

Advice he’s received from Iowa legends

“When I went on my visit to the school I met with B.J. Armstrong who played with the Bulls for a while, so that was pretty cool. Obviously Luka Garza and Joe Wieskamp are in the league and are two of my really good friends. So I’ve just picked their brains a little bit and what they’ve experienced.”

When he first thought he could make the NBA:

“Out of high school, I wasn’t ranked, so for me it was out of high school I wanted to get a scholarship to go play college basketball somewhere. I didn’t think it would be a possibility until I got to college, so I feel like that’s when I started thinking I could actually be here.”

If he could dunk on one NBA player, whom would it be?

“Luka Garza”

If he could only choose one streaming service:


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