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Kanye West Teases New Moves into Lifestyle, Food, and… Cloning?

Welcome to the YEEZYVERSE, where new trademark filings suggest that Ye could be planning to crash the gates of ecommerce, community service, wellness, and cutting-edge biological science.

Kanye West — or simply Ye, as we’re meant to say now — is an enigma wrapped in a quandary. Like championship bareknuckle fighter Britain Hart Beltran, he’s perhaps more of a feeling than just a physical person. And though it’s unclear that there’s any new music from the man coming up on the horizon, he’s staying plenty busy with regards to his status as a titanic one-man brand.

According to recent filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office as noted to Boardroom by Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, Mascotte Holdings — the company that’s overseen the trademark applications made on Ye’s behalf in the recent past — Mr. West may be preparing to take us to the Yeezyverse for a series of offerings in the realms of ecommerce, health and wellness, community service, food and beverages, and maaaybe even a little something called “biological cloning.”

We’re just reading what the applications say, folks.

Read on.

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Inside Kanye’s New Trademark Filings

FILED FOR: Mascotte Holdings

There’s a long list of potential uses (and the associated legalese) attached to these filings, all of which apply to the four terms in question — “YZYVERSE,” “YXYVERSE,” “YEEZYVERSE,” and “ECOSYSTEM” — equally and verbatim. We’ve split them into categories for easier digestion, placing certain items in bold at our own discretion.

Lifestyle, entertainment, and charity
  • 044: Nutritional consultation; professional health care consultancy; providing beauty and personal care information; physical rehabilitation and therapy; weight reduction through diet; beauty spa services and cosmetic and weight loss medical services; charitable services providing medical services, first aid supplies, prescription drugs and personal care packages; providing medical services to undeveloped countries; gene banking and production of transgenic animal products in the field of preservation of endangered species; providing medical services, consultation and psychological counseling in the fields of health medicine, HIV awareness and prevention, reproductive health care and violence prevention; humanitarian relief services; charitable vision-care and hearing-care services; medical assistance to children for weight loss and nutrition counseling; providing trained service dogs to individuals with physical and mental disabilities; floral arrangements at the grave sites of military personnel; providing assistance to animal welfare organizations; providing beauty and health care services to persons seeking employment; providing psychological counseling regarding domestic violence, mental health care, homelessness, substance abuse, medicaid and healthcare to low-income families; providing charitable services to needy people in foreign countries

Bolstering the fight against HIV, domestic violence, humanitarian crises, substance abuse, and homelessness? We’re in.

Harnessing the power of genetic science to protect endangered species? We’re in… we think.

  • 042: Design services in the nature of new products, home design, interior design, automotive design, graphic design, industrial design, packaging design, website design, special event design; computer services in creating, design, implementing and maintaining websites for others; consultation in the field of interior design featuring personality typing to find the best lifestyle choices for the design of one’s environment; charitable services providing web design; software for use by charitable, nonprofit and fundraising organization in for volunteering and fundraising; charitable services providing repaired and reconditioned computers to individuals, schools, community organizations, governments and non-profits; providing a social networking website where users can give charitable gifts to others; charitable and philanthropic services, namely biological cloning

Yes, you read the phrase “biological cloning” correctly. *Gulp*

  • 041: Online journals featuring information on a recording artist and beauty, fashion, modeling, acting, music, the arts, physical fitness, health and nutrition, self-improvement, self-esteem, entertainment, education, television, film, lifestyles, home furnishings and games; charitable services providing academic mentoring of children (elementary through high school), charitable services providing school supplies, books, musical instruments, and library services to children in need; award program for major corporation and individual who have made significant charitable contributions; charitable services, namely vocational guidance and career counseling to indigent persons seeking employment; organizing and conducting entertainment events, such as concerts, triathlons, and culinary events; providing prerecorded music for rental purposes; record production; music production; audio recording and production; videotape production; motion picture song production; recording studios; radio entertainment production; motion picture film production; entertainment in the nature of ongoing television, cable television, radio programs, and theater production; organizing and conducting live musical concerts and live musical theater performance also featuring food and wine with the proceeds given to charity
  • 036: Charitable fund raising; raising funds for college education, granting funds to schools; charitable fund raising by means of an entertainment event; organizing and conducting fundraising events to encourage intercollegiate athletic programs; sending underprivileged children to one of several camps around the US; providing information and opportunity to make monetary donation to their favorite charity; providing financial assistance to meet the physical, psychological, social and other special needs of children
  • 035: Retail store services, wholesale store services, mail order services, computerized on-line ordering services and on-line retail store services featuring cosmetics, fragrances, hair, nail and bath and body products, musical recordings, av recordings and promotional items; promotional, marketing and branding services; providing a web site where users can offer goods for sale and buy goods offered; commercial information and directory; promoting goods and services of others by preparing and placing advertisements in an electronic magazine; promoting public awareness of poverty in the US through a media fast program; charitable services providing food donations; help homeless, abused, at risk women, administration and management of care facilities and housing facilities, increasing support and morale of members of the US military; promoting the charitable giving of others, namely, tracking and publicizing charitable donations and random acts of kindness; promoting public awareness of the general benefits for a healthy lifestyle through balanced dieting, moderation, sports, fitness, and social harmony, at restaurants

That last one, while the most concise by far, is particularly intriguing given Mr. West and the Yeezy brand’s recent divorce with Gap.

  • 019: Non-metal shelter structures and buildings; non-metal residential buildings and houses; pre-fabricated non-metal houses
  • 006: Metal shelter structures and buildings; metal residential buildings and houses; pre-fabricated houses of metal

Shelters, non-metal structures, and residential buildings? I don’t want to utter the phrase “Kanye Condos,” so I won’t.

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Food and beverage
  • 033: Alcoholic beverages
  • 032: Non-alcoholic beverages; fruit drinks; sports and energy drinks; beer; non-alcoholic cocktail mixers
  • 031: Raw or unprocessed fruits and vegetables; unprocessed herbs, oats and nuts; unprocessed rice; raw popcorn; sugar cane; pet food, cat and dog treats and fish food; fresh foodstuffs for animals; malt for brewing and distilling; flowers
  • 030: Food, such as candy, gum, frozen confections, fruit ice bars, chocolate, bakery goods, processed cereals and breakfast cereals; popcorn, tortilla chips, pretzels, corn snacks, croutons, pasta, seasonings, marinades, sauces, sweeteners, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, toppings for the previous, pizza, pasta, macaroni, and rice salads
  • 029: Food made from potatoes, nuts, dees; fruit-based snack foods; fruit chips, vegetable paste; dairy products; cheese; egg products; ; prepared or packaged entrees; meat; fish; poultry; chocolate milk; combined peanut butter and chocolate sandwich spreads

Booze and dog food? Well, then.

Folks, a modest disclaimer here: Legal entities seek federal trademarks for a variety of reasons, and there’s no way to guarantee that we understand even a small piece of Kanye West’s overall intentions here. Yes, one possibility is that he’s got plans to activate a digital empire around a “Yeezyverse” of ecommerce, community-oriented services, food, beverages, biological science, and apparel — but we can’t say this with any confidence at this time.

So, while it’s far premature to insist we know what will happen next, the news is an intriguing wrinkle against the backdrop of the Mr. West’s adventures into frontiers far beyond simply music and fashion.

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