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December 28, 2023

NFL Drives One of Few Bright Spots Amid Broadcast Dip

The NFL continues to deliver for its network partners. Looking back on this year’s Nielsen ratings, the biggest storyline is the impact of the writers’ and actors’ strikes on primetime viewing numbers. With limited programming, CBS, Fox, and NBC each saw a substantial drop in their numbers. However, ABC experienced a 15% year-over-year boost, driven by its Monday Night Football contract, which brought in an average of 10 million viewers each week. The figures were more than double of those from last season (4.3 million) and highlight the stronghold that the NFL has over domestic audiences.


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NYT Sues OpenAI & Microsoft for Copyright Infringement

The battle between OpenAI and the mainstream media wages on. On Tuesday, the New York Times sued ChatGPT parent company OpenAI, alleging copyright infringement due to the software’s use of the outlet’s articles to train its artificial intelligence. The suit indicates that the Times began negotiating with OpenAI for compensation for use of its products back in April; however, the company indicated that the materials it used to train the language model was “fair use.” In the suit, the Times refutes this claim, saying, “Because the outputs of Defendants’ GenAI models compete with and closely mimic the inputs used to train them, copying Times works for that purpose is not fair use.” Although the NYT is not the first major media outlet to take legal action, it is the first to include Microsoft, due to its massive investment and role on the OpenAI board.

New Bill Proposes 'Jay-Z Day' in New York City

The man who made the Yankees hat more famous than the Yankees can, Jay-Z, is the latest celebrity in consideration for his own commemorative day. Various New York council people, including Farah N. Louis, Chi A. Ossé, Kevin C. Riley, Crystal Hudson, and Jennifer Gutiérrez presented the proposal to the Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries and International Intergroup Relations. In it, they claim that Dec. 4 should be recognized as “Jay-Z Day” to celebrate ” his legendary status as a masterful MC and lyricist and as an innovative entrepreneur.”

Apple Watch Ban Temporarily Lifted by U.S. Appeals Court

Just a day after President Joe Biden expressed support for the Apple Watch ban, a United States appeals court curbed the efforts. In October, the International Trade Commission administered an order to stop the watch’s production of its most recent model due to a copyright claim from a California-based company that the watch’s blood oxygen gauge utilized its technology. The temporary pause on the ban will extend through Jan. 10, by when the ITC must file a response.

Amazon Prime Bringing Ads to the Platform

Netflix turned around its financial future with the help of its new ad tier. The streaming giant’s success may have inspired its competitors, as Prime Video announced that it will roll out ads beginning in late January. To avoid targeted ads, the Amazon streaming service’s subscribers will have to shell out an extra $3 each month. Ahead of the shift, Amazon announced that it will show “meaningfully fewer” ads than cable stations.