Rob Gronkowski celebrates another Super Bowl championship

Rob Gronkowski Announces Set of Limited Edition NFT Trading Cards

Fresh off another Super Bowl title, Gronk is breaking into the world of crypto-backed collectibles.

Rob Gronkowksi, quite possibly football’s greatest-ever tight end, is jumping into the NFT craze. This week, he’s set to release his own limited-edition digital Gronk trading cards.

In an interview with TMZ, the Tampa Bay Buccaneer and reigning Super Bowl champion expressed his confidence about the long-term outlook of blockchain-backed virtual collectibles with the same joy he brings to the football field.

“I think having digital trading cards now is just gonna be unique and its gonna blow [traditional cards] out of the water,” Gronkowski said. “Actual trading cards, I think will always be there, but I think its leading towards a way where everything’s digital.”

Gronkowski teamed up with artist Black Madre to create the set of five cards featuring hand-drawn artwork, which they’re calling the “Championship Series NFT Collection.” The cards will be auctioned off on non-fungible token marketplace OpenSea starting March 11th at 7 p.m. ET.

Four of the five cards will commemorate Gronk’s Super Bowl victories. The fifth card? A “Career Highlight Refractor” card sporting an authentic Gronkowski autograph.

These cards will be available exclusively via the OpenSea auction, with just 87 editions minted of each. And with NFT prices breaking new records just about every day, it promises to be fun to watch just how much the four-time All-Pro and future Hall of Famer earns for his latest venture — and what he’ll do next.


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