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Giants WR Sterling Shepard Just Wants You to Cool it Down

The Big Blue playmaker has lent his voice to Tide’s effort to boost energy efficiency at home — literally.

Sterling Shepard is known to send NFL defensive backs through a spin cycle or two. And that tendency makes the wide receiver’s latest partnership a natural one.

In an effort to do more for the environment and save us all some dollars at the same time, Tide recently partnered with the NFL to launch their #TurnToCold campaign, which encourages families to use cold water when washing their clothes.

Tide even created the first-ever talking washing machine (yes, there are talking washing machines now!) to encourages you and me to do exactly that. And here’s the hook: NFL players have lent their real-live voices to serve as the machines’ reminders, and football fans now have an opportunity to win one of their very own. Participating players include Shepard, tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Boardroom spoke with Shepard about his involvement with the promotion and what makes it important to him.

“It was different,” the Giants wide receiver told Boardroom about the process of recording his lines for the campaign. “But I was with it. I was just myself at all times with everything I had to say for the machine. It’s good for the environment to wash your clothes in cold water.”

The setup might seem strange — it’s not often that even a professional voiceover actor takes on the role of a washing machine, much less a 28-year-old pass-catcher from Oklahoma City — but the numbers back it up. According to Tide, washing clothes in cold water saves about 90% of the energy otherwise used, and can potentially save upwards of $150 on a home energy bill each year.

Excuse the pun, but that’s not exactly a wash; it’s stone-cold efficiency, and Shepard is one to know: In 2016, his very first season in the NFL, he averaged a touchdown in every 8.1 receptions, a better rate than Pro Bowlers Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, and Odell Beckham Jr.

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To kick off this campaign with the NFL, Tide has welcomed fans to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to receive their own talking Tide Cold Washer with their favorite team’s logo emblazoned upon it.

And a player from their favorite team providing the voice talents.

“Each machine is designed for each team,” Shepard said. “They sign up, pledge to turn to cold, and if they win, the washing machine comes with all kinds of Giants decoration on it — and my voice reminding them to wash in cold water. This new machine is different from the beeps and buzzers of previous washers.”

Fans can enter the Tide #TurnToCold sweepstakes here. And if your partial to the G-Men, your new favorite voice artist next takes the field Sunday on the road against the Saints.


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