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FaZe Nate Hill Signs With Excel Sports Management

The top-ranked Fortnite player and FaZe Clan content creator talked to Boardroom about the next phase of his business plan under Excel.

Another FaZe Clan gamer and content creator is linking up with Excel Sports Management to expand his brand.

FaZe Nate Hill has signed a deal with Excel to manage his endorsements, marketing, licensing, and business and brand development, the two sides announced on Wednesday. Much like FaZe Rug’s deal with the sports management and marketing agency, Excel will oversee all of FaZe Nate Hill‘s business deals while FaZe Clan will continue running his day-to-day management needs.

FaZe Nate Hill’s professional gaming career kicked off in November 2017. He told Boardroom in an exclusive interview that it wasn’t until July 2018 when he began making strides in the gaming industry after tapping into Fortnite. A month later, he signed with FaZe Clan.

“I’ve gamed my whole life, and ever since the first release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, I dreamt of becoming a professional gamer,” FaZe Nate Hill told Boardroom. “I was playing 2v2 wagers with friends nightly, but it wasn’t until Dota 2 I saw a real possibility to make big money doing it.

FaZe Nate Hill said it was hard when he first tried to make a living out of his gaming career. He tried to connect with a team to play with, but he decided to go a different route when that failed.

“It wasn’t until Fortnite that I could shine as a solo competitor,” he said. “When I started playing in those tournaments, everything changed.”

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A Day in FaZe Nate Hill’s Life

A typical day in FaZe Nate Hill’s world includes waking up, showering, indulging in an ice mask, and eating breakfast with a cup of coffee before starting his six-to-eight-hour gaming live stream. Sometimes he plays golf or hits the gym to start his day, but most of the time, it’s straight to stream.

After that, he takes a break to relax with friends, get some sun, and “off steam” by playing other games and interacting with his followers on Discord. FaZe Nate Hill doesn’t have a gaming or streaming requirement, but he spends roughly six to 10 hours a day playing games.

That strict gaming regimen has brought him success in the industry, as he’s amassed an audience of 1.6 million followers on Twitch and more than 3.7 million followers across all his social platforms.

He’s a top-ranked Fortnite player, but FaZe Nate Hill has already proven he’s more than a gamer, which is why he’s signing with Excel.

The FaZe Nate Hill Brand

FaZe Nate Hill is a rising international model and has been featured in campaigns with iconic brands such as Ralph Lauren and Gap. He has worked alongside Nike, Nissan, Netflix, Verizon, and more on other business opportunities as well. One of his more exciting partnership deals is currently under wraps, but he teased to Boardroom that he’ll be working with a luxury motor company.

The pro gamer is also an avid golfer, and he’s even played in a few NFL-sponsored flag football games.

“Signing with Excel opens so many doors into a space I’ve always loved: sports,” he said. “I’m a huge sports fan. It’s one of my favorite things to indulge in aside from gaming.”

Gaming streaming isn’t the only time fans can find FaZe Nate Hill live online; he’s also streamed from the red carpet a few times. He interviewed The Rock at the Black Adam premiere and Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet during the Dune premiere in London.

As he moves into the next phase of his career, FaZe Nate Hill said signing with his career-long friend and partner, Nikhil Jayaram, at Excel was a no-brainer when the opportunity came up. Jayaram is a former talent manager at FaZe Clan and the current director of basketball partnerships at Excel. He also manages FaZe Rug’s business deals under Excel’s brand.

As he says, the partnership will allow FaZe Nate Hill to do more of what he loves…which is the whole point of his career anyway. As he put it:

“You have to have the passion for the right reasons. You can’t want to be a professional to be ‘famous.’ The best players are the ones who are obsessed with the game and believe in themselves. Strive for your goal, but make sure you can sustain yourself.”

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