Dorian Finney-Smith of the Dallas Mavericks in action during the NBA Playoffs against the Utah Jazz (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

Why Every NBA Team Needs a Guy Like Dorian Finney-Smith

Luka Doncic gets the headlines, but the Mavericks would not be in the Western Conference Finals without Dorian Finney-Smith.

Dorian Finney-Smith is stealing the hearts of Dallas Mavericks fans with his exceptional play throughout the 2022 NBA Playoffs. More importantly, he’s mastered his role on the perimeter, allowing Luka Doncic to unlock his MVP-level potential. Finney-Smith can catch and shoot at a high level, making his floor spacing asset invaluable to Doncic.

The 29-year-old wing didn’t just waltz into his role either; he earned it through adversity. After going undrafted in the 2016 NBA Draft, Finney-Smith signed with the Mavs and joined their summer league squad. He impressed both the organization and fans, carving out a spot for himself on the Mavs’ roster.

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But what makes Finney-Smith so valuable and beloved to the Mavs? It’s the classic case of a player’s effort and tenacity — diving for loose balls, clamping down opposing superstars, and hitting big shots when Luka is forced to kick the ball out of a double-team.

Dorian Finney-Smith Salary and Contract Details

Contract length: 3 years
Total value: $12,000,000
Average annual value (AAV): $4,000,000
Free agency (Unrestricted): 2022

Not only is Finney-Smith a great player, he’s currently on a team-friendly deal for his production. In today’s NBA, teams need wings that can defend multiple positions and shoot the three. Finney-Smith does just that as a perimeter stopper with a 7-foot wingspan who shoots nearly 40% from the three-point line.

Those attributes complement their MVP candidate in Doncic, who needs as much space as possible so he can operate in isolation. A cast of Finney-Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr (when healthy), and Maxi Kleber all shooting over 35% from three, plus the rolling ability of Dwight Powell, makes the Mavericks operate like a well-oiled machine.

The Mavericks recognized Finney-Smith’s value well before the playoffs, signing him to an extension in February that includes a fourth-year player option and is worth upwards of $55 million. He has increased his point averages and shooting percentages each year he’s been in the league and shows no signs of slowing down. Both he and Jalen Brunson have proven themself to the Mavs, forcing the team to focus on their contract extensions.

In the Community

Away from the court, Finney-Smith is big on giving back to the Dallas community and his hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia. Throughout the pandemic, he donated hundreds of turkeys and other supplies to needy families in the Portsmouth area.

“We had more cars than ever, and we ran out of food,” Finney-Smith said to the Mavs. “We tried to prepare and get more than usual, but we still ran out of turkeys and had to turn people away. That was hard, really hard. We did our best…but there’s just a great need out there right now.”

The annual event is part of his Finney Family First Foundation, which focuses on inspiring young people to become productive members of society by providing community services. He also holds free basketball camps and community days for girls and boys surrounding his hometown area.

Social Presence

Followers on Twitter: 18.3k
Followers on Instagram: 85.9k

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