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Enter the ChopraVerse: Deepak Chopra’s Metaverse of Wellbeing

World-renowned author and wellness advocate Deepak Chopra created a metaverse experience that brings all of his expertise and teachings under one umbrella.

Deepak Chopra is widely known for his alternative medicine advocacy, but he’s also become a prominent figure in Web3 for finding ways to leverage emerging technology and the metaverse for good. Across his various projects, he has been steadily moving toward building a new way to bring his fans and followers together online.

Chopra first got into Web3 about two years ago when he teamed up with tech entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah to launch Seva.Love, a digital platform and social good initiative that cultivates wellbeing within virtual worlds and creates NFTs to support its mission. Now, the New York Times best-selling author, Seva.Love, and Web3 ecosystem project Utopia have now come together to launch ChopraVerse: House of Enlightenment. This new metaverse environment that Chopra calls his virtual home is fully focused on wellness and features immersive meditation experiences, curated content in each room, NFT integrations, and more.

“Seva.Love gradually graduated to the metaverse,” Chopra told Boardroom in an exclusive interview. “We are slowly moving to real-time immersive experiences, where our digital lives and our lives in the physical world will merge into one reality.”

ChopraVerse Courtesy photo

The ChopraVerse Origin Story

When Chopra was conceptualizing his metaverse experience, he asked himself a question: “Can we create a house where this kind of energy flows for every aspect of experience?” He’s speaking specifically about the layers of experience our bodies are connected to, from emotional to mindful to energetic moments.

Chopra hopes users will step into the ChopraVerse to design their own homes and create their own sacred spaces in order to connect with themselves further across the platform’s offerings.

“There is a reason we call the place we live in ‘home,'” Chopra said. “Our true home is infinite consciousness. You cannot comprehend the infinite, but you can get close to the experience.”

Looking ahead, Chopra intends to manifest ChopraVerse in the physical world by building IRL homes called Houses of Enlightenment.

“We want physical spaces around these virtual homes,” he said.

The living room inside Chopra’s House of Enlightenment. Courtesy photo)

For about two years, Chopra has been working with his partners to build ChopraVerse. He selected Utopia to house the project because of the platform’s advanced technological capabilities, including augmented reality intergrations. Chopra’s House of Enlightenment itself was designed by Vera Iconica Architecture, a firm specializing in wellness architecture, interior design, and real estate development.

ChopraVerse is bigger than just it’s namesake, however. It collaborates with other global wellness experts, products, and services to bring various experiences into the metaverse. The platform will also integrate with other brands and experiences within Utopia’s existing network.

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What’s next for ChopraVerse?

Here is a roadmap for ChopraVerse, per the project’s website:

  • Stage 1: Debut ChopraVerse’s NFT access tokens
  • Stage 2: NFT Launch of ChopraVerse exclusive homes in IRL (NFT and floor plans).
  • Stage 3: Debut both subscription- and token-based access to Wellbeing Content in Chopra’s home, including nutrition-focused content in the kitchen and sleep-focused content in the bedroom.
  • Stage 4: Enable NFT and in-metaverse commerce for users to buy exclusive physical and digital art from the walls in ChopraVerse and products from advertising partners.
  • Stage 5: Debut Utopia and ChopraVerse avatar NFTs.
  • Stage 6: Launch mental health services via the Digital Deepak app.
  • Stage 7: Launch serve-to-earn, breathe-to-earn, and meditate-to-earn games and rewards.
ChopraVerse Courtesy photo

ChopraVerse’s roadmap doesn’t stop at Stage 7, however, and the project plans to share more details as it moves ahead. Currently, Chopra’s House of Enlightenment is available for everyone to visit and experience today. One distinctive feature users will notice in this virtual space is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, Piwi (“Personalized Interaction With Intent”), which was created to promote mental health. Piwi is a part of Chopra’s Never Alone initiative meant to provide tools and resources to intervene in mental health crises.

“I think we can create global communities slowly in the direction of a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy, and joyful world,” Chopra said. “Technology is neutral. You can use it to destroy the world, or you can use it to heal the world. We want to use it to heal the world.”

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