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What’s the Difference Between a Runner’s High and a Cannabis High?

Last Updated: November 15, 2023
Boardroom taps in the experts to break down the science and feeling behind the elusive runner’s high and how it compares to a cannabis high.

Weedmaps is a sponsored partner of Boardroom.

“How would you describe the feeling of a runner’s high?”

Boardroom’s Gabe Oshin posed this question to a number of runners on the streets of New York City.

From weekend warriors to the most intense marathoners, runners everywhere log miles in pursuit of the elusive feeling. The quest for that euphoria has served as the driving force for runners to beat their personal bests for centuries. 

In the first installment of the Boardroom and Weedmaps content series, we speak to cannabis physician Dr. Bonni Goldstein. She breaks down the science behind the runner’s high and offers an understanding of how it conditions the human body as compared to a cannabis high. 

However, there’s a new generation of runners who blend their recreational interests, boosting the runner’s high with a bit of cannabis. Hoka-sponsored running canna-influencer Kate Glavan discusses how she identified the green as a supplement to her intense training regimen. Does cannabis enhance the feeling or simply replicate it?

We break it all down. Check it out!

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