Colin Kaepernick Stars in Fitness Company Ergatta’s First Ad Campaign

An advisor and investor in the company since last year, Kaepernick now takes his partnership with Ergatta to another level in support of healthier communities.

Famed quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick has partnered with gamified fitness technology company Ergatta on the company’s first national advertising campaign.

Kaepernick joined the company as an advisor and investor last year. As the company noted in an official release, the QB uses Ergatta’s rowing machine six days a week.

Once Ergatta users start their workouts, they’re pitted against rowers of similar abilities and race against them in real time, giving each session some stakes and competition to help push participants to bigger and bigger goals.

“I was initially drawn to the Ergatta team as an investor, advisor, and brand partner because they’re innovators,” Kaepernick said. “They were challenging the model of group fitness classes with games and competitions, something that really resonated with me. I received my Ergatta in early 2020 and then I was hooked. Placing the thrill of competition at the forefront of my workout kept me engaged and consistently coming back for more. I wouldn’t have gotten through the pandemic without it.”

The ad campaign coincides with Ergatta’s partnership with Know Your Rights Camp, Kaepernick’s community-based foundation. The company will donate 100 rowers to community facilities within KYRC’s seven partner cities, including limited-edition rowers featuring Kaepernick’s likeness.

Additionally, Ergatta will make a donation to KYRC for each rower it sells between Dec. 1 and Feb. 1.

“Colin is the dream partner and advisor for Ergatta,” said company CEO Tom Aulet. “He is a changemaker who has a way of seeing the future before everyone else does. Coupled with his elite athleticism and passion for fitness, we knew there was a natural alignment. We are thrilled to now have him bring our brand to life and introduce game-based fitness to millions of people across the country.”

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