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Athletes Unlimited Reveals 2022 Basketball, Volleyball Broadcast Partners

FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and Bally Sports’ regional networks will carry Athletes Unlimited’s basketball and volleyball seasons this year.

Athletes Unlimited announced that its spring basketball and volleyball leagues have partnered with FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and Bally Sports’ regional networks for 48 televised games, the company announced Thursday.

FOX will broadcast 14 of AU’s 30-game basketball slate and 12 volleyball matches onFOX Sports 2, CBS Sports Network will air three basketball games and seven volleyball games, and Bally Sports will show eight hoops games and four volleyball matches.

The remaining five basketball games and seven volleyball contests will stream on Athletes Unlimited’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

For both basketball and volleyball, which will be carbon neutral leagues, there are unique scoring rules for individual competitions in addition to the games themselves. Points are scored on every play, with leaderboards constantly changing. Athletes earn points based on team wins and individual performances, with the four highest-scoring players each week becoming team captains to draft squads for the following week.

After each five-week season, the player with the most points is named an individual champion.

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The basketball broadcast team will be led by Cindy Brunson on play-by-play, with basketball Hall of Famer Sheryl Swoopes and Carol Ross as analysts. The basketball opener will air on AU’s social channels at 8 p.m. eastern on Jan. 26, with the 2nd game airing at 11 on CBS Sports Network.

With the basketball teams changing each week, there will be live drafts every Sunday at 3 p.m. eastern on the AU Facebook page starting on Jan. 23. There will be doubleheaders every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from Jan. 26 to Feb. 26. Games will be played at Athletes Unlimited Arena at the Sports Center of Las Vegas.

“We are thrilled to be bringing fans 30 basketball games and 30 volleyball matches on national TV and digital channels in 2022,” said Jon Patricof, Athletes Unlimited’s CEO and co-founder. “I want to thank CBS Sports andFOX Sports for their continued support of Athletes Unlimited and welcome Bally Sports as a new partner for live game distribution.  Most of the games on Bally Sports will take place before or after NHL or NBA games, ensuring a great lead-in audience for our broadcasts.”

The full basketball schedule is below:

Week #Game #DayDateStart Time ETStart Time PTUS Live Coverage
11Wed.Jan. 268:00 PM5:00 PMAU Digital
12Thurs.Jan. 2611:00 PM8:00 PMCBS Sports Network
13Fri.Jan. 287:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
14Fri.Jan. 289:30 PM6:30 PMFS2
15Sat.Jan. 297:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
16Sat.Jan. 299:30 PM6:30 PMAU Digital
27Wed.Feb. 26:30 PM3:30 PMAU Digital
28Wed.Feb. 29:00 PM6:00 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 
29Fri.Feb. 47:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
210Fri.Feb. 49:30 PM6:30 PMFS2
211Sat.Feb. 57:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
212Sat.Feb. 510:00 PM7:00 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 
313Wed.Feb. 96:30 PM3:30 PMAU Digital
314Wed.Feb. 99:00 PM6:00 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 
315Fri.Feb. 117:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
316Fri.Feb. 119:30 PM6:30 PMFS2
317Sat.Feb. 127:30 PM4:30 PMFS2
318Sat.Feb. 1210:30 PM7:30 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 
419Wed.Feb. 166:30 PM3:30 PMAU Digital
420Wed.Feb. 169:00 PM6:00 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 
421Fri.Feb. 188:30 PM5:30 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 
422Fri.Feb. 1811:30 PM8:30 PMCBS Sports Network
423Sat.Feb. 197:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
424Sat.Feb. 199:30 PM6:30 PMFS2
525Wed.Feb. 239:00 PM6:00 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 
526Wed.Feb. 2311:30 PM8:30 PMCBS Sports Network
527Fri.Feb. 257:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
528Fri.Feb. 259:30 PM6:30 PMFS2
529Sat.Feb. 267:00 PM4:00 PMFS2
530Sat.Feb. 2610:00 PM7:00 PMRSN (Bally Sports) 

The second season of the Athletes Unlimited volleyball league will run from March 16 to April 16 at Fair Park Coliseum in Dallas. There will also be doubleheaders every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, beginning with the first game on AU Digital and the nightcap on Bally RSNs. Kevin Barnett and Salima Rockwell return as the lead broadcast team. Drafts will also be held every Sunday on the AU Facebook page, beginning March 13.

The full volleyball schedule is below:

Week #Game #DayDateStart Time ETStart Time CTUS Live Coverage
11Wed.March 166:00 PM5:00 PMAU Digital
12Wed.March 168:30 PM7:30 PMRSN (Bally Sports)
13Fri.March 187:00 PM6:00 PMFS2
14Fri.March 189:30 PM8:30 PMFS2
15Sat.March 197:00 PM6:00 PMFS2
16Sat.March 1910:00 PM9:00 PMRSN (Bally Sports)
27Wed.March 236:00 PM5:00 PMAU Digital
28Wed.March 238:30 PM7:30 PMRSN (Bally Sports)
29Fri.March 257:00 PM6:00 PMFS2
210Fri.March 259:30 PM8:30 PMFS2
211Sat.March 267:30 PM6:30 PMFS2
212Sat.March 2610:00 PM9:00 PMAU Digital
313Wed.March 306:00 PM5:00 PMAU Digital
314Wed.March 308:30 PM7:30 PMRSN (Bally Sports)
315Fri.April 17:00 PM6:00 PMFS2
316Fri.April 19:30 PM8:30 PMFS2
317Sat.April 27:00 PM6:00 PMCBS Sports Network
318Sat.April 29:00 PM8:00 PMCBS Sports Network
419Wed.April 66:00 PM5:00 PMAU Digital
420Wed.April 88:30 PM7:30 PMAU Digital
421Fri.April 87:00 PM6:00 PMFS2
422Fri.April 810:00 PM9:00 PMCBS Sports Network
423Sat.April 95:00 PM4:00 PMAU Digital
424Sat.April 98:00 PM7:00 PMFS2
525Thurs.April 148:00 PM7:00 PMCBS Sports Network
526Thurs.April 1410:00 PM9:00 PMCBS Sports Network
527Fri.April 157:00 PM6:00 PMFS2
528Fri.April 1510:00 PM9:00 PMCBS Sports Network
529Sat.April 167:00 PM6:00 PMFS2
530Sat.April 1610:00 PM9:00 PMCBS Sports Network

“FOX Sports is thrilled to showcase Athletes Unlimited events again in 2022,” said Bill Wanger, EVP and Head of Programming and Scheduling at FOX Sports. “AU’s expansion into women’s professional basketball is a welcome addition to our robust programming roster.” 

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