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Alex Toussaint Launches Puma Collection: ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Do Better’

Last Updated: July 1, 2023
The Peloton instructor, beloved by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, is set to unveil his first-ever line with Puma.

Peloton has taken the fitness industry by storm, popularizing itself as a must-have for those looking to exercise from the comfort of home. Outside of the results being effective, the instructors have also been credited for bringing an extra amount of motivation to the millions of daily users. Among the favorite coaches in the program is Alex Toussaint, a cycling and treadmill trainer revered for his boppy playlists, motivating commentary, and zealous demeanor.

His dedication to bettering the lives of those around him has led to a host of outside brand deals too, most recently with Puma, as he is set to launch his inaugural collection with the sportswear brand. Boardroom caught up with Toussaint ahead of the anticipated Saturday launch.

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VINCIANE NGOMSI: Talk to me about the decision to team up with Puma for an apparel line.

ALEX TOUSSAINT: It was more than just a line for me. I think Puma is just an innovative company, especially within the space of allowing athletes to create and execute a vision to the best of their ability. So, it was a no-brainer for me.

I have a lot of things happening behind the scenes, whether it’s my foundation or clothing, or just general ideas that I execute for my overall brand. Puma’s been such a heavy supporter of anything I’ve wanted to accomplish that leads to a higher purpose. So for me, it was a no-brainer partnering up with Puma to get this done.

VN: This capsule is a mix of both lifestyle and performance attire. How would you describe your personal style and how did you incorporate that aesthetic into these pieces?

AT: My personal style is really all over the place. But when it comes to athletic wear, it’s just the way I like to feel from an internal perspective. I’m a very much clean, relaxed fit individual. I love to be comfortable, but I also love to be fashionable at the same time.

And a lot of these items within the collection express just that, whether it’s the sweatsuit, which I can go to and from the gym, or the polo I throw on to golf. Then there’s the tank top I wear while on the bike, there’s something there for every aspect of my life, whether I’m training or it’s just lifestyle. And to be able to share that story is a beautiful blessing, especially right now in this time.

Puma x Alex Toussaint Men’s Pique Polo
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VN: So, we’ve got a gym outfit and a golf ensemble. Are there other ways you would suggest customers could style the clothing?

AT: That’s the thing. I think this collection provides an opportunity for anybody to style themselves how they want. So instead of me telling people how to wear them, I’m going to respond with another motto I like to say: Look good, feel good, do better. Wear whatever makes you feel good and makes you look good.

VN: So, anyone can be creative without feeling as if they’re confined to a particular aesthetic.

AT: Yes ma’am. Exactly. I’m very much a person who likes to have freedom within the discipline.

VN: Let’s also talk about the collection name, Game Speed. How did you come up with that?

AT: It was actually from my high school basketball team. We were trained with the mindset to practice at game speed. The reason we say that is because if you practice at game speed, when it’s time to play in the actual game, it feels like practice. That was always the mindset, and I was able to incorporate that vision from the basketball court into my daily life where I’m always going to live at game speed.

I’m walking into every single opportunity in life with game speed. I might not get another chance at this, so why not execute to the highest of your abilities right now?

VN: Let’s end with talking about your foundation. How are partnerships like the one you have with Puma helping honor your commitment to giving back?

AT: Oh, they support me to the fullest. Right now, we’re in the process of incorporating somewhat of an after-school program into our foundation where we could provide kids from inner cities access to extra educational resources, nutritional health, and physical and mental health support. Anything in that space is really what we’re trying to focus on right now.

As somebody who grew up in East Hampton, New York, as a Haitian-American, understanding my parents’ sacrifice to have the ability to raise me in that environment, I recognize now how privileged I was and I’m trying to provide that opportunity to other people out there who may need it. And when I spoke to Puma about that, it was a no-brainer because they understand the full concept of those who can and should give back. I’m in a position now where I can extend my hands to others out there who may need it, so why not support the people that look like me that may not have the same opportunity that I have been afforded.

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