Goldman Sachs’ Nicole Pullen Ross on Getting Others a Seat at the Table | Risk/Reward

On a new episode of “Risk/Reward,” presented by Goldman Sachs, New York Region Head for Private Wealth Management Nicole Pullen Ross joins Ros Gold-Onwude to talk about her career trajectory, from facing fears as a summer analyst on Wall Street to her current executive role at Goldman.

She talks about how being one of the highest-ranking women of color in finance has helped her embrace the “uniqueness of her perspective,” and how she works with investors, business leaders, philanthropists, athletes, and entertainers to get more out of financial opportunities, from investing and wealth management to post-career planning and risk mitigation. leveraging Goldman’s resources and her relationships and know-how.

She also details the importance of HBCUs and how important the network of leaders in the HBCU community is to cultivating talent and opportunities.

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