The Players Trunk’s Hunter Pomerantz (left) & Austin Pomerantz

A Look Inside The Players Trunk

Finding the perfect time to start a business can be challenging — especially when you’re a college student figuring out how to juggle a proper adult’s responsibilities for the very first time. But when COVID-19 shut down the University of Michigan last March, Jason Lansing, Austin Pomerantz, Hunter Pomerantz, Charles Mathews, and Zavier Simpson suddenly found themselves with some extra time.

And a big idea.

There was no better time to launch The Players Trunk.

More than a year later, the founding team is off and running, working with more than 450 college athletes from 100 universities across the nation to sell game-worn gear through TPT’s platform.

The Players Trunk is a one-of-a-kind platform for former college athletes to sell their team-issued and game-worn apparel while connecting with their fans in ways that weren’t so easily achievable before.

For co-founder Jason Lansing, realizing this dream always came down to doing whatever was necessary to move the business forward and getting off to an energetic start.

“Once the pandemic hit and we were sent home from school, we realized it was the right time to start this business. We were unsure what would happen to our internships or what the job market would like look. As scrappy college kids would do, we bought the website URL and there we had our first athletes listed.”

Players Trunk recently announced a partnership with INFLCR, a platform that helps athletes monetize their name, image, and likeness while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations. INFLCR will include The Players Trunk platform in its official app for all their existing college athlete partners to utilize.

For the young and scrappy founding team at The Players Trunk, things are truly just getting started. It’s been a long journey since being sent home from Michigan, but this group of guys has laid the groundwork for something exciting.

And when NIL breakthroughs finally allow college athletes to profit off their personal brands in all 50 states without threatening their eligibility, TPT stands to take an even bigger leap.

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